Indiana Man Illegally Kills 200″ Buck: Did He Get Off Too Easy?

Another world-class buck has fallen in Indiana. Sadly, it was the result of another hunting violation in the Hoosier State. You may recall the Chris Brackett scandal in recent years where Brackett illegally killed two deer on one hunt in Indiana, a state with a one buck limit. However, in the Outdoor Wire story below, you’ll see the culprit in this case tried to be a little more sneaky with his mis-doings. Here’s the story of an Indiana man that illegally killed a 200″ buck and tried to get away with it.

Indiana Conservation Officers are reporting that a Dubois County man has been convicted of illegally taking what most hunters would consider a buck of a lifetime.

Mark Gill, age 56, of Holland, harvested a non-typical 20 point buck with more than 200 inches of antler during the 2016 season after already taking a buck earlier that archery season. This violated the state of Indiana’s one-buck rule.

Indiana Man Illegally Kills 200" Buck

Gill had the buck mounted before it was confiscated by the state due to his violations. (Photo: INDNR)

As part of his plea agreement with the Dubois County Prosecutor’s office Gill’s hunting license privileges will be suspended for a period of two years, he will serve 100 hours of community service, be on probation for 540 days and pay $741 in fines and court costs including a $500 replacement fee.

It was determined that Gill caped out the second harvested buck of the 2016 season and froze it until the 2017 season before checking it in. By doing this he provided false information to Indiana’s deer harvest information system.

Because of his Indiana hunting license suspension, Gill will be entered into the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. This is an agreement that recognizes suspension of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses in 48 member states. The only states not currently in the violator compact are Massachusetts and Hawaii.

Gill pled guilty to unlawful taking of a white-tailed deer (Class B Misdemeanor) and providing false information to a check station (Class C Misdemeanor).

The TIP (Turn In a Poacher) program, which is a way for anonymous callers to provide information about wildlife crimes, was used in this case.

Indiana Man Illegally Kills 200″ Buck – Closing Thoughts

We want to hear from you. Did Gill get off too easy in this case?

Comment below and let us know if you think he should have received more/less punishment for the crime.



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  1. Devon Dale Bancroft says:

    Um yea!! As a hunter in neighboring county he absolutely got off way to easy. A two year suspension is a joke for this kind of a villain

  2. Jerry Weatherman says:

    Of course he got off too easy. Look and see how much it costs to go harvest a deer that scores over 200″ !!!! Shooting a World Class buck like that should have been a $10,000 fine….loss of hunting license in ANY STATE for a minimum of 10 years. If the laws was stiffer on poachers….it would make them think twice about illegally
    shooting an animal.

  3. jeffrey eder says:

    Way to easy, not enough fines and suspension should have been at least 5-7 years!

  4. chris buckland says:

    How much does it cost in fines if he had poached a doe? What makes the antlers more valuable? Is this guy a repeat problem? It costs whatever your lease, bow, hunting equipment costs you to hunt to go out and legally kill a deer. Assigning a high fence trophy fee to a free roaming animal seems unreasonable. Looking at this objectively, I think his punishment is reasonable.

  5. Mark Ginder says:

    If he shot the deer on someone elses propert other than his own, he should pay the landowner equal to what all his fines are.

  6. joe markie says:

    this guy should of got jail time &a big fine-not probation not community service but 3 years jail time & for every inch of the rack score 300.00 & inch & never should be able to hunt again in any state this is the kind of guys that gives the good hunters a bad name

  7. Eric J STACK says:

    5 years no Hunting rights, and should lose everything he used in the poaching of the deer including his truck that he transported the deer in and 10,000$ fine..

  8. joe markie says:

    he should be band from hunting in all states for ever & fined-there should be a $ amount for every inch the buck has & jail time [hands down] these are the hunters that give us good hunters a bad name

  9. Tim Maguire says:

    Lifetime ban and forfeiture of all equipment, jail time……that would be a start

  10. Hal Moore says:

    Fair punishment. The guy shot two bucks instead of one. Not really that big of deal. If the second deer was a 6 pointer, no one would have hardly noticed.


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