Doctor Says Cure for CWD Has Been Found

There’s not a hotter topic in the deer hunting community these days than Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). CWD is the root of calm discussions and hot-tempered debates about everywhere you look. Some say it’s an out-of-control epidemic that’s sweeping the country, while others says it’s nothing more than nature doing what nature does. The bottom line is, CWD and the impact it has on the future of deer hunting is a growing concern. More and more states are discovering new cases of CWD every year. That’s why a recent video released by the Unified Sportsmen of PA has been creating a lot of attention in the last week. The video states that a cure for CWD has been found.


What if there was a cure for ridding deer and elk from CWD?

Dr. Frank Bastian, of LSU’s Department of Agriculture, believes the disease is caused by a previously undiscovered species of bacteria called spiroplasma, not prions. Bastian’s team is working on developing a 3-stage plan of attack, beginning in the first year with a diagnostic kit that would allow hunters to immediately test deer for the disease in the field. The ultimate goal is to develop a vaccine and cure for deer and elk in the wild.

It’s honestly a very bold statement, and the skeptics have shown up in a hurry. But what if these guys are on to something? What if this 3-stage approach to curing CWD would actually work? And beyond the deer herd, what if it could actually cure greater diseases and health concerns, like Alzheimer’s, as claims are being made?

Here’s a closer look at what Dr. John Evealyn had to say regarding a cure for CWD in a recent press conference in Pennsylvania…


The group seems to have gathered some support from local groups in PA, but it’s a different story when it comes to support from where it may matter the most – the PA Game Commission. The commission responded with a skeptical statement, saying “Decades of research have provided abundant evidence that prions are the infectious agent of CWD.” The commission went on to say that while alternative theories exist, they have not been thoroughly researched.

Other sources say that no one has yet to replicate the research mentioned above, nor does any wildlife agency accept the bacteria theory. This ultimately could be the biggest hurdle for Dr. Bastian’s team. Without replication, does Dr. Bastian even have a solid scientific foundation?

What are your thoughts on this? It all sounds great, but is it legit? Could it be the cure for CWD? Comment below, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Matthew Owens says:

    What can it hurt? There theory is to kill every deer they can. Let them do it and see what happens what’s the worse thing they still get CWD…but if it works they have accomplished something.

  2. Mark Ginder says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that cwd can be cured. The anti hunting groups and vegetarians do not want to see this happen because it works into there agenda. It is a food source that is needed and we should do all to protect it. Dr Bastion thinks he can correct the problem and we should support him.

    • Justin Folk says:

      I agree 110 percent I am all in for trying to cure this problem without killing our deer population off

  3. Paul S. says:

    Put his team to work onsome of the numerous quarantined deer farms while monitored by the state DNR. This is prove or disprove his theory. They would also have to come up with another way to give any cure to deer. There is no way you’re going to inoculate all the infected deer in the wild.

  4. Mark Green says:

    what do we have to lose ,he should be given every opportunity to be able to prove that they have found a cure!! Biologist and others have been working on this for years and have failed to come up with a cause and a bacteria makes more sense then prions .It used to be common knowledge that the world was flat ,so even in this day and age scientist and biologist could be missing something!!

  5. It’s not a cure.
    They will STOP dropping abortion packets to keep the deer population down.
    Insurance companies did this to keep deer from being hit by cars.
    West Virginia did this long time ago.

    • Vgorski says:

      Where is the basis for that statement?

  6. As long as they keep poisoning our water and chemtrailing our skies animals will keep dying and getting “strange” diseases.

  7. DR Roger Harrington DDS says:

    Lately, established Science is more interested in protecting status quo thinking than pushing new frontiers.

    Witness type 2 diabetes management over past 50 years with no resolution. Then Dr Jason Fung presents Intermittent Fasting which REVERSES the disease

    Consider the Framingham Study of the 60’s and Dr Yudkin being condemned by the saturated fat coalition. Consider how “Established Science “ snuffed his career and now the research confirmed that refined carbs(sugar) is the culprit for heart disease.

    The truth ALWAYS outlives a lie

    • vgorski says:

      You are mistaken . Nothing can “reverse “ diabetes. You can achieve normal blood glucose levels and control it by diet and exercise in T2 diabetes, but you will need to be extremely vigilant to stay healthy, to be aware of actions that can raise your glucose. Example: if your bone doctor gives you an injection of a steroid to treat a severe joint injury or chronic arthritis ——- be aware because your blood glucose can elevate markedly. Infections can raise blood glucose levels. Severe stress releases cortisol and your sugar goes up.
      I have doubts about doctor who uses the word ‘reverse’ or ‘ cure’ when referring to Type2 diabetes. Even the word “remission” has been thrown around. That applies not when referring to T2.

      • Mark Juberian says:

        It absolutely can be reversed I have done it…

  8. Steve Pokorny says:

    At this point any option that’s out there should be supported and tried, also every deer shooting preserve should be shut down, everyone knows this is a major cause of this disease

  9. gary krueger says:

    at a point it comes down to the truth.they can stop cwd but the insurance companys are all good with it

  10. Mitch Balliett says:

    Nicely put!!

  11. Rodie Johnson says:

    Since the PA game comission and wildlife agencies are not microbiologists I’ll ride with Dr. Bastion and his team on this.
    New cures and new cause’s are found every day.

  12. Gvdocholiday says:

    Until other researchers/biologists that replicate his findings….I’ll consider it fake news.

  13. Roger B says:

    Dr. Bastian has been working on this theory since 1979…in nearly 40 years nobody has been able to substantiate it. This is a theory, not a positive finding. Another researcher with his hand out for more $$$grants. He wants each of us to carry a field test kit for CWD but deer can carry CWD for several months without testing positive. These kits wouldn’t cheap so how many of you are willing to pay for them?

    • Roger B has it right. In this post-truth era, the only thing Frank Bastian has ever proved is P.T. Barnum’s adage about a sucker being born ever minute. Within the legitimate molecular biochemistry community, there is essentially no question about the basic validity of prion theory as formulated by Prusiner. Denying this just delays meaningful progress.

    • Roger B: I have been reading a lot about the subject for the past 6 years. True no one as yet has been able to duplicate his results, but it is not as suspicious as it sounds. The first study, in the 80s, tried to culture the organism from CJD patients and failed. Bastain himself tried and always failed to culture Spiroplasma from TSE brains, that is until recently. The second study tried to give TSE to raccoons like Bastian did by injecting them with Spiroplasma mirum and failed. It should be noted that Bastian himself failed to give animals TSEs with Spiroplasma mirum in some of his studies. While it is possible that his Spiroplasma got contaminated with Prions, it is not likely as prions were not detected in Bastian’s Spiroplasma induced TSE. Another study failed to find evidence of Spiroplasma 16s-rDNA in the brians of hamsters with Scrapie.
      It should be noted that in many of Bastian’s studies, he was able to detect Spiroplasma in only some of the animals he tested (5 of 9 Scrapie cases) but not controlls. He believes that strain diferences are the reason he couldn’t detect it in 100% of cases, which is relevent to the hamster study as the hamster strain of Scrapie is known to have mutated from the original strain it was derived from. Bastian also pointed out that the study used different primers than the one he used.

    • You think he just wants grant money? you think he is only out for himself. I bet you think Trump is only out for himself too.

  14. ruth dickey says:

    amen to that, these bastards are lyin to us, and what about the zombie raccoons, ect., , what if its all the same thing, ?, , also all the 5g towers goin up , , fire depts., are against this, , , and between the chemtrails and 5g, and all crap, birds die off and the bees, , ect., , they are killing the animals and the environment, im afraid to eat any wildlife now, , and what about our own animals and pets?, , we need to find out where this is comin from, and how to stop it., , plus there needs to be free testing stations in every county, of every state, people pay enough in hunting and fishin dues every year, for them to do this, although I just read somewhere, that there is no real way to test if venison or other is safe?, , , , what can we do , these people have no concern, or oversight.

  15. Test coment

  16. Trent Wagner says:

    I’m certain there’s a cure! Ask yourself why there has never been a known case of CWD if Fallow deer. There are fallow deer across the US and I still have not seen or heard of a single fallow deer that has gotten CWD.
    We need to identify why? Once that happens i believe we will understand stand why and build from their.

    I also heard there was a cure for CWD in 2018 but I’ve not seen or heard anything until this artical
    I suggest people have an open mind and be part of the solution rather than become part of the problem.

  17. Pa does not care about the deer herd. All they are worried about is there Elk herd. It was found they have all this money they have not spent so now we got a hunting brochure this year for free maybe spend some on the money on the bacteria theory what do they have to loose we have no grouse to hunt and pheasant stamps at $26.95 each. How long will this last. The insurance company’s are liking the idea of killing all the deer. The game commission can’t control their own agency and now they are in charge of something they know anything about.

  18. Mark Ginder says:

    Hello to all, What is the choice of not finding a solution? Has anybody addressed the fact that this may be part of our health problems throughout our country? Look at what has happened with all the different diseases that have now come upon us because of the ticks. This is an issue is way beyond CWD in deer, it may be affecting us all. The best way to get changes done in any Game Commission is to either work closely with them or change how they got their job. If it means changing politics, do so and remove those politicians who are not effective. Hunters of all types and the game we seek are in trouble and if you cannot change the dynamics of the problem, Hunting will be lost and maybe all species on this planet.


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