LimbSaver Launches Limited Edition Bow

By Bow StaffFebruary 7, 2019

It’s hard to believe, but the LimbSaver company is already celebrating 20 years in the business. That’s right, the company that’s positioned itself at the forefront of noise dampening products and accessories has been changing things up in the archery industry for two decades. And what better way to celebrate a 20-year anniversary than launching a new bow, right? LimbSaver founder, Steven Sims, recently announced a new limited edition compound bow to honor the occasion with the LimbSaver LE (Limited Edition) compound bow.


The LimbSaver LE (Limited Edition) Compound Bow

The new LimbSaver LE compound bow is being touted as a stable, smooth, fast-shooting masterpiece that is made in the USA and comprised of innovative, quality components. The LE offers variable poundage and utilizes Sigma Cam technology.

How limited will these new limited edition bows be? Sims says there will only be 1,000 LimbSaver LE bows produced.

What You’ll Find with the LimbSaver LE Compound Bow



There will only be 1,000 LimbSaver LE bows produced.

A compilation of technologies work together to produce this silent, smooth bow. Every LimbSaver LE comes decked out with LimbSaver dampening gear, including Broadband LimbSavers, Cable Guard Dampener, Super String Leeches, and Super Cable Leeches. This bow is seriously quiet.

The LE offers best price-to-performance ratio available. It was designed to knock out the competition dollar for dollar. There is simply no better bow in its price range.

The unique Posi-Lock Limb Adjustment System is designed so that limb poundage can be quickly and easily adjusted without changing brace height and axle-to-axle length, and without the need to re-tune after adjustments.

The Single-Track Sigma Cam, a high optimized hybrid cam, is specifically designed for this bow to provide high efficiency, impressive arrow speeds, and a smooth draw and generous valley.

Specs on the LimbSaver LE

  • Axle-to-axle: 32″
  • 327 FPS (IBO)
  • 7″ Brace Height
  • 4.1 LBS bare bow weight
  • Let off: 75/80%
  • Draw weight: Adjustable from 60-70 LBS
  • Draw length: 27.5″ – 30″
  • Price – $649.99

Visit for more info on the LimbSaver LE, as well as their complete line of products.

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