10 Things That’ll Make You Wanna Cuss in the Treestand

If you take your hunting seriously, you know the time spent in the treestand hunting deer can be an emotional roller coaster. You can literally go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in a matter of seconds. It can be brutal. That’s why it can be the seemingly little things that tend to set us off and get our blood boiling while in the tree. With that said, here’s a look at 10 things that’ll make you wanna cuss in the treestand.

Not Tying Your Haul Line to Your Weapon

There will be days when you are simply off your game. That’s when this one creeps in. It comes in various forms. From completely failing to tie the line to your weapon, not tying it securely enough, or tying it to your weapon but not to you as you climb the tree. The bottom line is, you climb into your stand, get everything setup and in place, and then realize you are not connected to your bow or gun. This mistake will make you feel like an idiot.


Don’t forget to tie on your haul line.

When You Drop Your Release from the Treestand

If there’s anything worse than not tying the haul line to your bow, it’s dropping your release from the treestand after you’ve climbed in and got everything set up. It recently happened to Bowhunting.com boss, Todd Graf. It’ll happen to you as well sooner or later. When it does, it will make you mad. If you don’t have a backup release in your pack, it’ll make you wanna cuss.


Do you have a backup release, or do you climb down and get it?

When You Gotta Pee but You Have Six Layers of Clothes On

Be careful here. The key is to plan ahead. Allow plenty of time to work things out ahead of time before you find yourself in a bad situation. Don’t procrastinate. Those that do will find themselves in a mad scramble that’ll be as bad as any other thing on this list.


Don’t wait ’til it’s too late!

 Confusing Your Pee Bottle for Your Sqwincher Bottle

This mix up tends to come in low light situations or when your focus is not where it needs to be. You’ll only make this mistake once. Don’t ask me how I know. Just keep the fluids that go in, and those that come out, separated. Any mix up here and you’ll find yourself wanting to cuss…a lot.


You’ll only make this mistake once.

When You Look Up from Your Phone and Realize a Big Buck Got By You

The smartphone can be one of the handiest tools the hunter could ever have. It’s also the tool that causes us to miss a lot of the action when sitting in the treestand. Scrolling through social media, texting your buddies, and looking at photos – they are all culprits when it comes to distracting us from the task at hand. When you look up from your phone and realize a good buck just walked in and out of your life, you just might just find yourself wanting to cuss.


Not keeping your focus on the task at hand can cost you big time.

When a Buck is Leaving and You’re Trying to Dig a Call out of Your Pack

Few things will send you into a frenzy like when a big buck walks into your life and then begins to leave. If we’re properly prepared, we have all our tools at the ready. But  there are times when we don’t have all our stuff together and this moment sends us scrambling into our backpack to find a grunt call, can call, rattling antlers – anything! You’ve been there before. The chaos makes the simplest takes seem difficult. You know the call is in there, but blindly digging and grabbing yield zero results. It’ll make you wanna cuss.


The frantic digging for your calls when a buck is slipping away will make you wanna cuss.

When Another Hunter Walks Up on You

Sooner or later, it will happen to you. Especially if you’re hunting public land. Another hunter strolls up into your business while you’re in the treestand trying to kill a deer. When they see you from a distance, offer an apologetic wave, and move on – no big deal. It happens. But when that other goofball walks up into bow range without seeing you wave, hearing you whistle and no clue you’re in the world, you’ll have to refrain from offering the choice words that first pop into your head.


How do you handle the situation when another hunter walks in on you?

When You Somehow Manage to Have 2 Left-Hand Gloves in Your Pack

How does this even happen? It’s like when you have one wool sock disappear in the wash. It must be of the devil. But if it’s cold enough out, and you’re like most other hunters, you’ll try to wear the extra left-glove on the right hand anyway. You’ll find that it’s not great, but it’s better than nothing.


Mismatched gloves seems to happen far too often.

When the Coffee Kicks in and the Bowels Start Slippin’

To poop, or not to poop – that is the question. While some sticklers might carry a Ziploc bag, others prefer the free-fall method. The choice is obviously yours. Either way, it’s a hassle when you feel the tug in your guts. For many, it’s just enough to make you wanna cuss.

things that'll make you wanna cuss in the treestand - butt-wipes

Work it out in the treestand, or climb down and take care of business?

When You Miss the Same Deer…Twice

Miss once, no big deal. You take a mulligan and move on with your life. But miss the same deer twice, and you’ll be feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom. It happens to even the best hunters, and when it does, you’ll want to spit, cuss and carry on with all kind of excuses. This one hurts particularly bad.

things that'll make you wanna cuss in the treestand - two-misses

Missing twice hurts bad.

Have you suffered from any of the issues mentioned above yet this season? If not, you can bet it’s coming. Comment below and let us know which one you hate the most.

Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher

Editorial Manager at Bowhunting.com
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
Brodie Swisher


  1. Jim Stephens says:

    That rumbling in the pit of your gut that you ignore. Then when you get the climber down and have to do that “duck walk” to a isolated spot, praying you make it. That’s the worst.

    • Brodie MALE Swisher says:

      No kidding, Jim!

  2. Craig Randall says:

    I think every treestand hunter can identify with the post-coffee rumble where you try and ignore the urge before realizing that the train is coming to a town near you regardless and there’s a mad scramble to get out the stand to get the job done.
    One thing that has me cussing is how cold my feet get. I normally will wear a couple of pairs of wool socks and a pair of muck boots but after an hour so they are sooo numb. I read an article about possum/merino wool socks and id like to know if you have used them and if you have if they have helped in any way? or any other suggestion you would have as its killing my fun time in the stand.

    • paul Blackburn says:

      Man I use to have the same problem. I got me a pair of insulated boots that has some type of half inch insulation in them. I no longer have that problem. You might just have to purchase a pair of artic boots. You know, something that will take the weather, and keep your feet warm under any circumstance. Or try some of those 12 hour feet warmers that go in your boots. Back in the day. My buddy and I, would buy a pair of battery operated socks that did a good job keeping your feet warm. Anyway, good luck. As Don states. Fashion a rug to stand on, on foot platform of your stand. Or better yet get one of those heater body suits. Check the inter net .

  3. How about getting up the tree in your climber only to drop your only arrow with a lighted nock on it. Then debating to go get it. Climbing down and back up. Setting up again quick cause it’s prime time now. It paid off cause the nice buck came by and died shortly after.

  4. Paul Blackburn says:

    Yes, all those happen to me. You say you want to cuss when you drop your release from your stand. Let me tell you something worse than that. Me and my hunting buddy was discussing whether artificial lure is better than natural, at a scrape. The evening was slowly getting darker. He poured his lure in the scrape, and I poured my lure into the scrape. We both dragged a rag with our favorite lure on it, Close to our stands. Dark thirty, the next morning as I was getting my hunting things out of my truck. I had failed to notice that I had knocked my True fire release out on the ground, where I parked. I didn’t sweat it. – I had a back tension release in my bag. I would just use that. I had been using it in 3-D shoots. Also, I read in a bowhunting magazine Nathan Brooks said that he uses one to hunt with. I had the pleasure to shoot in one of Nathan’s tournaments, years ago. I watched him shoot the knock off of one of his arrows at 50 yards. He has always been one of my archery hero’s. Along with Jeff Hopkins. I said to myself, if Nathan shoots one hunting so can I. I got my back tension out and placed the wrist rope around my wrist and waited. For some of you who don’t know who Jeff Hopkin sand Nathan Brooks are. They are both champion archers. Jeff, world champion, and Nathan IBO world champion. Did I mention it, they are archers that I look up to as the best. Little did I know that I was going to get a crack at possible a state record whitetail buck that morning. I got out my horns, yes I called them horns. I hit them together . I hung them back up. I looked toward the scrape that we had put the lure in the night before. Flash back. – Before I rattled. About 10:00 a:m that morning , my hunting buddy came up and asked did I see that little spike that came my way. I did, He said he seen 5 or six bucks, but they weren’t close enough to get a shot at. He asked if I wanted to go get something to eat or hunt some more. I choose to hunt some more. He went back to his stand. I got back in mine. Then this happened. I rattled the horns and hung them back up. I looked at the scrape, some 100 yards away . Low and behold, a monster’s head stuck out of the woods and horns to match; shook the overhead branches. I failed to mention, after I talked to my hunting buddy, and he went back to his stand. I went back to the scrape and poured some more lure in that scrape. I then dragged my drag rag back up to with in 12 yards of my stand, and made a mock scrape. I picked up a stick about 2 foot long and stuck it in the ground, and put the drag rag on it. Knowing that if a buck came into my mock scrape he would smell my scent on that drag rag, but I felt if he got that close I would kill him before he was aware of me. He put his nose down in that scrape and trailed my drag rag right up to my mock scrape. At 10 or 12 yards with only air between me and him, and his front shoulder. He was quartering hard to me. I was waiting on him to move and give me my quartering away shot or a perfectly broadside shot. I’ve got my bow drawn back with my back tension release. That’s when it happened. He smelled my hand scent on the drag rag, and he jumped and took off for another scrap on the right side of the tree. It was also, only 12 or 13 yards away. He stopped to smell that scrape too. Now, I got that perfect quartering away shot, at him. Where I had my stand was close to the road. The trees were persimmon. They were small. Because that area was so close to the road, and the trees were small. No one wanted to hunt that spot, but me, and I could read the sign. The deer sign was north of me. The trees were so small that my stand wouldn’t fit facing the sign. So I had to place my seat facing south. So I sat straddling the seat, facing north. The only two open shots I had was to my left and one to my right. The deer came up facing my left. the trunk of this small persimmon tree stopped me from bringing my bow across my chest and shooting. Now, I bring my bow up, – trying to bring it inside the trunk of the tree, so I can get a shot to my right, because that is where the buck is standing now. As I bring it up. My release self fires on a 45 degree angle. The buck hears it, and gallops off. I said a few cuss words that morning and for about twenty minutes latter. Matter of a fact, I’m still cussing. By the way I liked your cussing story too. My hunting buddy wasn’t to sympathetic. Worst of all. When I got back at the truck. My true fire release was laying on the ground at the back of my truck.

  5. Probably when you miss the same deer twice ok next time that deer better get hit.

  6. Andrew klarich says:

    I have never drank my own pill lol. Pee on the ground

  7. Pee off your stand its’s good cover scent. You pee in fresh scrapes (or you should) so why carry a pee bottle. Deer cannot determine human urine from deer urine but they can smell the pheromones; so just pee off your stand and don’t worry about it. Just keep wearing your harness!

    As far as the rumble from down under, I have never tried the ‘Free-Fall method’, and don’t plan on it. Of those of you who have, how many have forgotten in the excitement, and accidentally lowered there gear and/or bow into the human mud??


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