Deer Calling: How to Use the Snort-Wheeze

By Bow StaffNovember 15, 2018

The snort-wheeze is a whitetail deer sound that has continued to gain popularity in recent years as call manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to make this sound the latest addition to grunt calls of all kinds. And while the snort-wheeze call may be a fairly new call on the store shelf, the sound itself is obviously nothing new. But why has the snort-wheeze call become so popular? Is it simply the latest fad? Is it just the hot new call that everyone seems to want, like The Can call was some years ago? And what exactly is a deer saying when he produces the snort-wheeze sound?

snort-wheeze buck-standing

The snort-wheeze is often the only call that will get a big buck’s attention.

The snort-wheeze sound tends to be the sound a boss buck makes when he wants other deer to be aware of his presence. He’s letting them know he’s there, and he’s the man. When he encounters other bucks, it’s essentially his way of saying, “You’re too scrawny…you need to go home and workout.”

Here’s what the snort-wheeze sounds like, with a few grunts on the back end, from a live buck…


As you can hear, it’s a very nasally sound. Fortunately, with a little practice you can make this sound with your own mouth, keeping you from having to dig in your pack for a call. However, as mentioned above, most call manufacturers have started adding a snort-wheeze “tube” to their grunt calls.

Here’s a look at how that works and when to use it from the crew at Primos…

What You Need to Know About the Snort-Wheeze Call

  1. It’s typically a boss buck sound. He may not be the biggest buck around, but he tends to be the bully of the bunch.
  2. It’s a call with plenty of volume, so you can often reach the ears of deer that will never hear the standard grunt or can call.
  3. A lot of hunters use the call as a last resort call, however, this can result in a deer slipping away while you’re trying to get his attention with a less aggressive call. Don’t be afraid to make the snort-wheeze your first call when attempting to get a deer’s attention from long distance.
  4. It’s a call that works on mature bucks like no other call will.
  5. Don’t expect to call up does or small bucks with the snort-wheeze.
  6. Like a lot of calls, the snort-wheeze could spook a deer if he’s in too close when you call. Be cautious of blind calling.
  7. Turn your head to the left or right when calling to cast the sound to your side. It can be just enough to throw that deer to one side or the other, instead of him coming straight to your tree.


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