Understanding Deer Vocalization

Deer season won’t be the same this year without Charlie Alsheimer sharing his annual insight and words of wisdom for hunting the whitetail deer. Fortunately we have countless videos to look back on and glean the good stuff when it comes to whitetail knowledge. One such video from a few years back is, Understanding Deer Vocalization. It covers a variety of sounds in the whitetail vocabulary and gives some great insight as to the sounds you really should know how to mimic in the deer woods this fall.

understanding deer vocalization - buck-up-close

Do you know the sounds of the whitetail deer vocabulary?

Give the video below a watch. It’ll be some of the coolest whitetail sounds you’ll hear all season.


We want to hear from you. What’s the craziest whitetail sound you’ve encountered while hunting? Comment below and let us know.

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