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By Bow StaffSeptember 6, 2018271 Comments

We kicked off our Age This Buck series last week with a look at a buck that BHOD team member, Tim Ainsworth, killed in 2016. It was a big, bad, beastly buck that kept the guys on the edge of their treestand seat when the time got right. If you didn’t get a chance to catch last week’s post, here’s a Stealth Cam photo of the buck…

Age this buck - week-1

Things got exciting when this big buck began showing up in the food plot during daylight hours.

The guys named the buck, Cricket. How old was he? We had guesses from just about every age imaginable, but this buck was cementum aged at 6.5 years old. He had a ton of mass and plenty of character to go with it. He was a true giant.

Last week we had 86 people guess the age of that buck, and only 16 got it correct! Out of those 16, the random winner we chose for some new Bowhunt or Die gear was Heather Brackley! Make sure to send us your information to [email protected] to claim your prize!


Here’s Tim with the the 6.5 year old buck named, Cricket.

A big congrats to Tim on a buck of lifetime! We’re anxious to see what Tim comes up with for the 2018/2019 deer season.

Up next, Age This Buck!

Age this buck - Pilot Buck

Up close and personal! What’s your best guess on the age of this buck?

Comment below and take your best guess on the age of this buck. And remember, only guesses in the comments section here on the website are eligible to win a prize, swag or gear. Facebook comments won’t make the cut. 

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