Elk Season Hype Video

By Bow StaffAugust 31, 2018

Elk season. It’s finally here! For many bowhunters, there’s nothing like it. All the planning, preparation, and sleepless nights lead up to the arrival of September. The sights and sounds of elk season are something every bowhunter ought to experience at least once. And when you do, you’ll realize it’s an experience you’ll want to revisit with each passing season.

The summer to fall transition in the elk world is nothing short of amazing. Bachelor groups and bulls that once appeared best friends, now turn to bullies and nothing short of enemies.

Elk hunters live for the experience that elk season brings. That season is here once again, bringing all the goodness of wild things in wild places.

elk season - elk-bugling

Bugling bulls and majestic scenery signal the arrival of elk season. @westernexposure_films

As elk hunters across the country prepare for the arrival of the opener this week, we offer the following video from our friends at Western Exposure to help stoke the fire for what’s coming in the days ahead.

Best of luck to you this season. Shoot straight and keep us posted with your success photos when the opportunity to notch a tag comes your way.

Comment below and let us know where you’ll be elk hunting this season.

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