Age This Buck

By Bow StaffAugust 29, 2018111 Comments

With bucks on every whitetail hunter’s brain these days, it’s time to kick off our Age This Buck series at The goal is not only to stoke the excitement for deer season, but also to be an entertaining and educational series that we can all learn from.

Each Age This Buck post will present a photo of a buck on the hoof. You simply add your guess of the deer’s age in the comments section below. The following week we’ll announce the true age for the deer as well as more insight on the history of the buck. We’ll also have some cool prizes and giveaways we’ll be doing throughout the series. So be sure to follow along and take your best guess at the deer posted each week.

Here’s a look at our first contender. Go ahead, Age This Buck...

age this buck - tim's buck - week-1

He’s a beast! But exactly how old do you think he is?

We want to hear from you. Be sure to enter your best guess in the comments below to Age This Buck.  And check back next week for all the skinny on this buck, as well as a look at the next deer in our Age This Buck series.

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