Bowhunting Wyoming Antelope with the BHOD Team

By Bow StaffAugust 28, 2018

Some of the Bowhunt or Die team members, ambassadors and friends gathered out west to start their season bowhunting Wyoming antelope with the team at Big Horn Outfitters. The guys hunted from ground blinds and made a number of spot-and-stalk attempts to kick off the 2018 fall season with notched antelope tags.

Team member, Matt Miller, shares of his experience here…

The 2018 hunting season kicked off for me last week with bowhunting Wyoming antelope at Big Horn Outfitters. We had a crew of 5 guys, including Justin Zarr, Neal McCullough, Dwayne Jones, and Scott Bakken from HHA Sports. We all saw a ton of game and had shot opportunities on antelope. It was an unreal experience due to the sheer number of animals they have out there. Day one found me sitting in a NAP Mantis blind just before first light in an alfalfa field.  In the first 10 minutes of legal shooting light, I had a good buck come through, but I elected to pass the shot.  I wasn’t sure how big he was since he was the first antelope I’ve seen up close and in person. Looking back, I probably should have taken the shot. He was a pretty good one and was well within range.
antelope in alfalfa field

This buck strolled past Miller’s blind on Day 1.

The remainder of the day I saw literally hundreds of antelope and whitetails, but nothing was within range until the last few minutes of legal shooting light. I had another good antelope buck come in range in the last few minutes, but the insufficient camera light just didn’t allow it to happen.
Day two found me sitting about a half-mile north of where I sat the previous day, watching a gate opening leading into another alfalfa field. At first light, I had a good buck come through that busted me as I was getting the camera on him.  Not long after, I had a group of does and fawns come through that were being trailed by another buck.  He posed perfectly framed in the video camera for me at 41 yards. This time I let the Triax do what it does best. This was one of the most memorable hunting experiences I’ve ever had.

Matt Miller with his antelope buck on Day 2 with Big Horn Outfitters.

Dwayne Jones also got in on the action early in the hunt while hunting with his guide and BHOD team member, Paul Morrison. “After missing a buck earlier in the hunt, we found another bedded buck and decided to put on a stalk,” says Jones.

“We made a move and got within 50 yards of the buck. When he stood up, I drew. He started to walk off slowly, but Paul grunted and stopped him at 52 yards. I settled the pin, made the shot and hit him a little back. However, the shot was a complete pass through with the new NAP SwingFire and he immediately started pumping blood on impact. The buck ran about 80 yards, stopped and fell over. I could not hold my excitement any longer. In just a matter of 20 minutes I went from a low to a killer high. If you haven’t tried it, do it! Antelope hunting at Bighorn Outfitters is unbelievable, and spot-and-stalk bowhunting adds another level of excitement. I will be back!”

Not to be outdone, BHOD team member, Neal McCullough, also dropped the string on his Mathews to make good on his first punched tag of the season.

Scott Bakken of HHA Sports also made the trip out west mid-week to hunt with the BHOD crew and got right to work on the local antelope with his Mathews bow and HHA gear. It was an exciting way to get things started for the fall hunting season before heading home to finish prep work for opening day of deer season in the weeks ahead.

bowhunting wyoming antelope - Scott-Bakken

Scott Bakken of HHA Sports with his antelope.

Be sure to watch for all the bowhunting Wyoming antelope action on an upcoming episode of Bowhunt or Die.

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