Youth Bowhunter Camp Coming Soon!

By Bow StaffJuly 10, 2018

Take a kid hunting. How many times have you heard that message preached before? It’s much easier to say than to actually do. Sadly, hunters seem to be retiring from the sport faster than we’re recruiting the next generation. That’s why we’re really excited to see the Youth Bowhunter Camp making the rounds this year across the country. There’s an endless supply of camps for kids these days. From horseback riding and sports camps to band camps and everything in between. Unfortunately, the options are far fewer for the young boys and girls that are itching to dive into the world of archery and bowhunting. The Youth Bowhunter Camp was designed for these young men and women. This camp has been hosted in venues across the country, including Montana, Nebraska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Tennessee.

From summer camps to weekend retreats, and even day camps, the Youth Bowhunter Camp is introducing boys and girls to the sport of archery and bowhunting through an exciting camp experience like no other. The mission of the camp is to educate and equip students at all levels, regardless of whether they’re shooting a bow for the first time, or have been bowhunting for years.


Youth Bowhunter Camp shooters getting dialed in.

What Will Your Child Do at the Youth Bowhunter Camp?

As mentioned, all the activities at the Youth Bowhunter Camp are designed to educate and equip your child as they begin or further their bowhunting journey. Fun and interactive games and activities keep things exciting throughout this life changing camp experience. Your child will also get a look at the best of the best in hunting gear and equipment during their time at camp.

Depending on the camp location, the Youth Bowhunter Camp activities include: 3D archery, game calling, decoy tactics, ground blind hunting, Blood Trail Challenge, bowfishing basics, treestand safety, shot placement, trail cameras, Light ’em Up Night Shoot, swimming, canoeing, fishing, climbing wall, survival skills, seminars with the pros, and much more.

youth bowhunter camp

The Youth Bowhunter Camp was designed to pass on the rich tradition of bowhunting and the outdoors.

Where Will You Find the Youth Bowhunter Camp in 2018?

The Youth Bowhunter Camp will be hosting events in Mississippi, Illinois, and the Great Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee this year.

The Mississippi Youth Bowhunter Camp will take place July 15-19 in Crystal Springs, MS at the 6 Mile Camp & Retreat Venue. The camp is open to boys ages 9-13 – Cost is $350, including meals, lodging, equipment, and prizes.

The Illinois Youth Bowhunter Camp is a Day Camp designed to impact the kids in and around the Chicago area. It will be held August 18th at the Coon Creek Hunt Club in Garden Prairie, IL. This camp is open to boys and girls ages 9-14 – Cost is $40, including lunch, equipment, 3D shoot and prizes.

The Tennessee Youth Bowhunter Camp will be held September 7-9 in Sevierville, TN at the Camp Ba Yo Ca camp and retreat center. The camp is open to boys and girls ages 9-14 – Cost is $150, including meals, lodging, equipment, 3D shoot and prizes.

youth bowhunter camp

Learning to call critters at the Youth Bowhunter Camp.

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The Youth Bowhunter Camp is directed by editor, Brodie Swisher. Brodie is a world champion game caller, seminar speaker, writer, blogger and family man. Contact Brodie for more information about the Youth Bowhunter Camp at or shoot Brodie a message at [email protected]

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