When Do Infected Deer Begin to Show Signs of CWD? [Video]

The debate over the seriousness of CWD in whitetail deer herds across the country is one that’ll likely rage on until the end of time. Some hunters are very concerned with the future of some deer populations as CWD continues to take its toll, while others see it as nothing new and show little concern or interest in the impact of CWD on the local deer herd. Some even justify their lack of concern based on what they see with their own eyes. “I don’t see any signs of sick deer in my area,” some say. It raises the question, “When do infected deer begin to shows signs of CWD? Is it a pretty quick ordeal, or is there a lengthy incubation period for the disease in deer?

signs of CWD - mississippi-wildlife-buck

How soon will a healthy deer show signs of CWD?

A video by the Drury Outdoors crew helps shed a little light on the facts behind CWD and how it effects deer herds around the country. In fact, it’s one of the better videos you’ll come across on CWD that gives honest input on what we can expect from the CWD epidemic. Can infected deer live a considerable amount of time without showing signs of CWD? How long does the disease take to manifest itself within a deer’s body? These are a few of the many facts you’ll discover in this video.

Check it out below…


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