Total Archery Challenge in Tennessee Day 2

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We got an early start on our second day of the Total Archery Challenge in Tennessee, hoping to get through another 3D course or two before the rain moved in for the afternoon. Me and the boys rolled out of our hammocks and stashed our gear back in the truck before heading down the road to get started. The day started off warm and sunny, but there were thunderstorms in the forecast for the afternoon. We were hoping to do our fair share of shooting before the weather moved in.


Camping opportunities at the venue made for a great family experience at the Total Archery Challenge.

Shooters showed up early to get signed in on Day 2 and get started while the weather was nice. Some were guys we had seen the day before that had been camping throughout the event, as well as a number of new guys and gals that drove in to shoot just for the day. It’s crazy how far people traveled to be a part of the Total Archery Challenge in Tennessee. We met folks from Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama. Shooters from all over wanted to come be a part of the Total Archery Challenge experience.


Checking in at the Total Archery Challenge tent.

We stopped in to visit with a few new friends and sling a few arrows on the practice range before  heading out to the Prime 3D Course. The practice range is well equipped with large and small targets at pretty much any range you’d care to shoot. From up close, out to 100+ yards. There were plenty of bag and block targets, small critter 3D targets, and elk, deer, bison and caribou. My boys would’ve spent all day just shooting the variety of animals on the practice range if I’d have let them.


Warming up on the practice range before heading out.


The Total Archery Challenge has a ton of fun targets on the practice range.

We had a big time shooting a variety of targets on the Prime course, but the highlight of the morning came when my little boy, Easton, walked up on rattlesnake. I had apparently walked right past it when Easton began to holler, “Snake, snake, snake!!!” Sure enough, as I backtracked a few steps, there was a timber rattler coiled up just to the right of where I had just walked through. Easton nearly walked right into it. The snake never buzzed until we began messing with it a bit. It took our nerves a while to settle back down after that, and we were a whole lot more cautious the rest of the day as we cruised through the timber.


This fat timber rattler gave us quite a scare when we nearly stepped on it out on the range.

Like the previous day, we met lots of new bowhunters from around the country, many of which are fans of and the Bowhunt or Die web show. It was really cool to meet up with a lot of these men and women that follow the work we do at and eat, sleep, and breathe bowhunting, just like we do.


Hanging out with new and old friends on the 3D course.

We hung out in the booth for the afternoon, meeting and greeting shooters as they came back in off the range. These ranges are tough, with plenty of hiking and climbing in and out of some rough spots to shoot and retrieve arrows. Shooters came out of the timber tired and weary, but clearly loving the Total Archery Challenge experience.

The evening wrapped up with plenty of food, cold drinks, and a concert by Whiskey Wolves of the West. It was a great time to relax, listen to some great music and talk archery and bowhunting with like-minded men and women from around the country.

total archery challenge live-band

The Whiskey Wolves of the West performed for an after-party hosted by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and Yeti.

The Total Archery Challenge event is a 3D archery experience you really need to plan to attend if you’ve never done it. It’ll challenge you like no other 3D shoot will. The boys and I are already looking forward to our next 3D archery shoot, and they’ll be counting down the days until they can climb back on the mountain for their next Total Archery Challenge experience.

total archery challenge - elk-shot

The Total Archery Challenge is something every bowhunter needs to experience, at least once.

Upcoming Total Archery Challenge Opportunities

7 Springs , PA – June 1-3

Boyne Mountain, MI – June 8-10

Terry Peak, SD – June 22-24

Salt Lake City, UT – July 12-15

Big Sky, MT – July 20-22

Check out to keep up with all the latest.




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