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Deadliest Bow Shot on a Bear: Watch How Quick It Happens [Video]

The importance of shot placement can’t be stressed enough when it comes to bowhunting. Perfectly executed shots make everything better. And if there’s one critter you want to ensure you make a deadly shot on, it’s probably a bear. Wounded bears in the brush make for some tense moments that take a lot of fun out of the hunt. Our friend, Heath Helgert, of Montana laid down a good example of what just might be the deadliest bow shot on a bear ever captured.

Heath was hunting one of his Idaho bait sites when a big, black bear strolled onto the scene. Heath has had a few slow seasons the last couple years, so he wasted no time in punching his tag when this bear presented the shot.

deadliest bear bow shot -Bear-hunt-heath

You can’t ask for a much better shot angle when it comes to bowhunting.

Heath’s shot was a great example of how quick and clean the perfect bow shot can be when bowhunting black bear. The bear was done in just seconds after Heath dropped the string. No tracking job here!

Check out the video here:

What’s the quickest bow kill you’ve ever experienced? Comment below and let us know how fast it happened.

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