Mathews Shooters Sweep Women’s Pro Class

It was a clean sweep for the Mathews women at the first ASA event of the year in Foley, Alabama. Sharon Carpenter took home the top spot earning a contingency check for $10,000. Emily McCarthy followed in second place, earning a check for $2,000, and Cara Kelly took third, good for $1,000 in contingency money from Mathews. This was also Cara’s first ASA event shooting a Mathews.


Great start to the 3D season for Team Mathews!

A big congrats to the women of Team Mathews for their strong showing at the first ASA event in Foley. Best of luck to all the shooters on the 3D tournament trail this year.



  1. Gary Kessel says:

    What model bows were they shooting?

    • Brodie Swisher Brodie Swisher says:

      Hey Gary, the ladies were shooting the following:
      Sharon Wallace: TRX7, set at 56 pounds at 26.5 draw
      Emily McCarthy: Halon X Comp , 59 pounds 27”
      Cara: Halon 32-6 at 55#, 27”


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