Full-Body Field Dressing Suit: Would You Wear It?

We’ve been posting lots of new products as we roll through the first few months of 2018. Some have been genius, while others have simply created a lot of buzz for a variety of reasons. We always like to hear back from our audience as to whether or not you would actually use these products. So when I saw a new product called the Field Shield Pack making the rounds in social media the last few days, and seeing a wide variety of comments and input, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Would you use this?”


Take a look at the Field Shield product in the video here…

We want to hear from  you! Would you wear something like this? Comment below, and let us know what you think about the Field Shield Pack.


  1. Jeff Bradley says:

    Ridiculous! Much like Ozonics.

  2. Chad Bales says:

    Honestly it not a bad idea!!! Be great for in the backcountry when gear and a washer are limited. Help keep blood from getting on you hunting cloths. Also help if you from getting blood on your cloths and jumping into your vehicle as well! So I say smart idea

  3. AJ Iaquinta says:

    Based solely on the actors used to create that promo film I am going to confidently say that no hunters were involved in the development of this product…

  4. I really want to speak to someone about that full body slick suit. Material etc. Very interested.

  5. Dwayne Konczal says:

    Why waste the opportunity to smell like a deer.

  6. Jeff Hines says:

    Unnecessary! I have skinned, gutted, cut-up, and packed hundreds of deer. Never saw a need for such a product. You want that deer gut smell on your boots and outerwear anyway to help cover you own scent.

  7. You can go buy a pack of tyvek suits the price of one of them I’m sure.

  8. gary harrington says:

    i thought it was crazy at first but then i thought about the tick problem we have in the northeast. i see the sleeves are gathered at the cuffs i’m assuming the legs are the same. If you ever been bitten by a tick you might want to think about this suit

  9. Absolutely not.


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