MegaMouth Bowfishing Reel team member, Dan Richardson, stopped in to check out the new MegaMouth bowfishing reel at the ATA show. Dan’s a big bowfisherman and has used a variety of bowfishing reels over the years, but admits, he’s never seen anything like the new MegaMouth reel.


The MegaMouth bowfishing reel delivers a new concept in bowfishing reels.

Here’s a look at Dan’s interview with the guys from MegaMouth…


The MegaMouth is a buttonless and free-spooling reel, so it is ready to shoot at any time without having to push a button. Instead of pushing a button to release it before the shot, with MegaMouth, you pull a clever T-Bar handle after the shot to engage the retrieve.


Looking for something different? The MegaMouth bowfishing reel delivers a unique design like no other.

MegaMouth believes that modified fishing spin casters rarely last very long. They’re simply not built to bowfish. They’re built to fight 3 pound bass hooked in the mouth, not 30 pound carp shot in the side. Their gears strip, pins break, and anti-reverse fails. MegaMouth is built to bowfish. Dual stainless steel and brass gears, three heavy-duty axial pins and an anti-reverse system designed for big fish means your MegaMouth will last for many years not just a few weeks.

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