Sasquatch Has Been Unleashed

By Bow StaffJanuary 11, 2018

Rinehart stirred things up in the 3D target at the 2017 ATA show when they showed of a proto-type of their new Sasquatch target that would be released in 2018. A year later, the Sasquatch target is finally being unleashed to archers wanting to turn up the fun and excitement level of their archery or 3D course.

rinehart sasquatch

The Rinehart Sasquatch target has finally been unleashed!

“The company direction has always been to manufacture the best, most realistic and durable targets available,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets.  “The new Sasquatch self-healing foam target lets competition shooters and bowhunters prepare for whatever roams the woods, your imagination, or the 3-D range.”

The new Sasquatch target is a monstrous seven-feet tall. It is made from Rinehart’s legendary, self-healing and UV-resistant foam construction that will last for years of shooting. This target has a patented, locking target insert, also made from the same self-healing foam, that is replaceable should that become necessary.

The Rinehart Sasquatch target is carefully sculpted for detail and meticulously hand painted with lifelike coloring, meaning this target will turn some heads of people not expecting to see it. 

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