New Ground Blind Designs with the Ameristep Deadwood Stump

Ameristep is launching several new ground blinds this week at the ATA show with designs built for better concealment. The company is challenging hunters to step outside the box this hunting season with one of their new blind designs, the Ameristep Distorter or Deadwood Stump. Both blinds feature a slick new hub design from Ameristep employing kick-out technology to break up the boxy look of typical ground blind for more effective concealment. The idea is to basically make your blind look like a stump, not a box. This isn’t as big of deal when turkey hunting, but could prove golden when deer hunting.


Several new blinds from Ameristep have been launched for 2018 to help you blend in better.

These new high-performance hub blinds offer next-level benefits both inside and out. On the outside, a unique silhouette conceals better than typical square blinds by blending into the environment more effectively. Inside, Distorter and Deadwood Stump open up a whole new world of useful space for up to three hunters and their gear.


Ameristep Deadwood Stump

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