Which State Eats The Most Roadkill?

By Bow StaffJanuary 4, 20185 Comments

It’s hard to say which state actually eats the most roadkill, but recent statistics show that Pennsylvanians are eating their fair share. While many deer/vehicle collisions across the country result in more of a hit and run style of encounter, thousands of people in the state of Pennsylvania took the time to turn these accidents into an opportunity to bring home the groceries in 2017.

That’s right! Before the 2017 year wrapped up, the PA Game Commission had received more than 3,300 requests from drivers seeking a permit to eat roadkill.


Leave it or take it home to eat?

“Those are valuable food sources,” says, Travis Lau, commission spokesperson. “And it is a valuable use of our wildlife resource to allow that animal that’s been killed to now get to somebody who might be in need or who otherwise wants it for food.”

According to PA law, deer and turkey are fair game to be picked up as roadkill and taken home to eat, but anyone doing so must call their regional game commission office to secure a permit within 24 hours of taking the animal.

It’s a free permit, but the commission reminds people that inedible parts must be thrown out, returned to the game commission, or purchased.

How likely are Pennsylvanians to encounter deer on the road? A report from State Farm insurance ranks PA among the worst states for deer collisions. In fact, their estimates show that 1 in every 63 drivers in PA hit a deer in 2017.

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