Karnage Crossbows: A New Brand From Bear Archery

Bear Archery introduces Karnage Crossbows, a new brand of fast, accurate, lethal weapons you can depend on. The Karnage brand is launching with two models, the Apocalypse and Apocalypse LS. These sleek, lethal weapons are forged with the white-tail hunter in mind and offer high-end performance under the most challenging of conditions.


“We are pleased to introduce the Karnage brand, featuring the Apocalypse and Apocalypse LS,” says Dave Parker, Bear Archery General Manager. “The market demanded an ultra-fast brand of crossbows at price points that are accessible to all consumers and we have delivered that with Karnage. Our crossbows are dependable, trustworthy, and can be used by the whole family, and at the same time, lethal and ready to hunt in any environment.”

Ready to Shoot Out of the Box

Ready to shoot out of the box, the Apocalypse fires at 370 feet per second and features an adjustable cheek piece and rear stock with 3″ of adjustments and five settings. The adjustable fore end grip is mounted on a Picatinny-style rail system for improved accuracy and comfort. The Apocalypse also offers dual-mount string recoil suppressor system to reduce noise and friction and an ambidextrous trigger with a dry fire inhibitor. The Apocalypse is available for $299.99 at retail.


2018 Karnage Apocalypse

Karnage Crossbows also introduces the Apocalypse LS, an upgrade in comfort and accessories. Finished in Kryptek Highlander camouflage, the Apocalypse LS fires at 370 feet per second and includes a 4×32 illuminated scope with 5-position rheostat light adjustments. The crossbow also includes a neoprene sling features quick detach spring-loaded pins. The Apocalypse LS is available for $379.99 exclusively through authorized dealers.

Each package includes a cocking rope, rail lube/string wax, a 4-bolt modular quiver, and three K20 Carbon bolts. Both crossbows are available now for purchase.

About Karnage Crossbows

Delivering top-of-the-line speed and extreme accuracy, Karnage Crossbows are forged with the whitetail hunter in mind. These crossbows offer aggressive power and performance under the most challenging of conditions on any continent. Karnage Crossbows is a division of Escalade Sports. For information on Karnage Crossbows, its products, brands, instruction manuals, retailers, warranty, replacement parts, or customer service, please call 1-800-694-9494 or visit www.karnagecrossbows.com.


  1. How far can the karnage apocalypse compound crossbow shoot, and how good is it on shooting deer?

  2. Really far, dude

  3. I recently got a KARNAGE Apocalypse. Out of the box it took about 15 min to set up. Just shooting in my backyard, I was able to sight in the stock scope at 20 yards with ease. The bow itself shoots fast and smooth. I love that it comes stock with string stops and three bow jacks to help absorb shock and quite the bow down a bit. I am very impressed with the grouping once the scope was sighted in. All theee bolts are touching at 20 yards and even my wife, who hunts with a rifle, was able to send a bolt down range and hit dead center on target.
    I run a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) for disabled Veterans getting them on outdoor adventures and we do a lot of hunting all year round in TX. I have wanted a crossbow not only for myself but also for my kids and for some of our disabled vets who can not shoot a traditional bow.
    The KARNAGE Apocalypse has a 5 potion adjustable stock that makes it perfect for any shooter, kids to adults. I am 6’4” and my youngest is 9 years old and with the adjustable stock it is a simple 2 second adjustment of the stock and it can go from me to my youngest being able to comfortably shooting. The stock does have some play in it but not enough for any concern and the adjustable check rest is also convenient. This bow also has an adjustable support hand grip that is comfortable and fully adjustable with desired length thanks to a long railing system under the bow. I will be taking it out in its first huntthis weekend on a hunt with some Veteans and I amlooking forward to seeing how it does in the field. Idid pick up a box of new of 20” Gold Tip, 425 Ballistic bolts and will be using Rage mechanical with 2”cutting blades.
    We will be hunting everything from Whitetail, hog andpredators on this hunt. So I will be able to add agreen light to the stock rail system on the bottom ofthe bow for use when hunting hog and predators atnight.
    I will post more info on this bow after my 4 day fieldtest on the hunt but if it performs on the hunt like ithas in my backyard, then I am sure it will be a positivereview.

  4. Michael Zirkle says:

    Purchased one from the trading post 4th street Russellville AR. Sighted it in was very easy then went out for the first hunt and the string broke wasn’t shot but 15 times.
    Took it in and ask for a replacement so could finish hunting the week. Wouldn’t do that for me been two weeks and haven’t got it back yet. Very disappointed with my choice if product and place of purchase.

  5. Jeff bradley says:

    2 things. In the pictures I have seen, it shows the quiver mounted length wise along frame instead of with bow. Mine doesn’t have that option. This was one reason I bought the bow. Is there an adaptor for this or something? Also, my string stops are 1/4 in from string. Any other cross bow I see, the string touches the stops. Is this a problem?

  6. william mueller says:

    I ressently bought the Ksrnage Apocalypse LS . Funny thing i havent shot it yet. Those of you that has one .What would be the longest shot you would make .Lets say anice size Buck. 50-75yds , or would that be pushing it, bring it in to lets say 60 yds.


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