Forgot Your Safety Harness: Hunt Anyway or Go Home?

Treestand accidents can happen quick. And they rarely come with a warning. When I think back over the stunts I’ve pulled while monkeying around high above the ground with a treestand, I have to thank God that I haven’t been seriously injured. I hunted for a lot of years without the use of a treestand harness. I was young, naive and pretty reckless when it came to treestand safety.

There have been times when I forgot my harness and was faced with the decision of hunting without it or going back home. It’s a tough call. We like to think we’ll be okay, just this once. Sadly, that’s when the trouble typically comes.


One quick choice to hunt without a treestand harness can cost you everything.

Now that I’m older, married, and have kids, I think a lot more about the importance of protecting myself when I step into the woods. I’ve got my favorite people in the world expecting me to come home at the end of the hunt.

The video below tells the story of a close call in the whitetail woods. It’s the story of how the odds often fall at the worst possible time when it comes to treestand safety.

Stay safe this season. Don’t take chances. Use your equipment and use it right so you can return home to your family at the end of the day.


  1. Daniel Coen says:

    As a hunter safety instructor, I always try to get across to my students how important that always wearing an approved hunter safety system restraint is when hunting from a tree stand. The odds are not in your favor when it comes to betting on your life. One out of every three hunters will experience an “incident” in a tree stand while hunting. Don’t be a statistic, always wear your safety equipment when leaving the ground. If you forget it, hunt from the ground, but don’t put yourself and your family in danger. Enjoy your hunt and the rest of your life.

  2. Mark Cochran says:

    I highly prefer not to hunt without my harness, because I have two little boys counting on me, and bills to pay. I need to come home safely to enjoy them, and provide for them. However it’s hard for me to forget it because I use it so much. Another thing is most stand come with a “FREE HARNESS” why not keep that in your truck or etc. for that just in case moment? Spend about $20 to have a back up if you don’t already have a free one from a stand. You’re always safe, you get to come home in one piece, and you get to hunt that trophy/food another year. Be responsible so that someone else doesn’t have to be responsible for you. Make Sense..!

  3. Perry Pappas says:

    I have bowhunted for over 20 years. Fifteen of those years I did so from a tree stand. I became ill ten years and cannot safely climb a tree now due to my poor balance caused by a malignant brain Tumor. I survived that and don’t want to cause my family any more pain. I now hunt exclusively from a groundblind and have taken lots of deer, up close and personal. I have much more fun now, and much easier shots! I take scent management to another level, and take deer every year. Try it, your family will thank you!


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