Thermacell Multipurpose Clamp

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the outdoors, particularly in mosquito country, you’re probably familiar with the Thermacell mosquito repellers. If not, you’re honestly missing out on the greatest tool ever created for keeping mosquitoes away from your treestand, ground blind, camp site, front porch, back deck, and anywhere else mosquitoes attack. Thermacell simply works like no other product on the market.


Say goodbye to dropped and misplaced Thermacell repellers.

Now, Thermacell has made the job of battling mosquitoes all the easier with the introduction of their new Multipurpose Clamp. The Multipurpose Clamp is a simple device designed to keep your Thermacell Portable Repeller securely in place, no matter where you choose to set it up.

The clamp attaches to just about anything you can imagine, making it the perfect solution for treestand  hunters. The Multipurpose Clamp easily attaches to your treestand platform, side rail, tree limbs, and more. It works equally well for ground blind hunters, attaching to rods, poles, chairs or tripods.


The clamp keeps a strong grip wherever you place it. No slipping and sliding.

Check out this video for a closer look at the Multipurpose Clamp.


When you’re not in the woods hunting, you can use the clamp around the yard or patio. It easily attaches to poles, bars, chairs, tables, fences, stands, and other outdoor gear.

The adjustable neck on the Multipurpose Clamp allows you to maintain the horizontal position of your repeller, regardless of where you place it, for optimal performance when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.

The Multipurpose Clamp slides right into the slots on the back of the repeller unit for quick and easy installation. No tools required.


Attaching the Multipurpose Clamp only takes a second. No tools required.

More than once, I’ve accidentally dropped or kicked my Thermacell out of the treestand. It’s a frustrating problem that needed a solution. The answer is the Multipurpose Clamp. It will keep your Thermacell repeller securely in place and fighting mosquitoes while you enjoy your hunt or other outdoor activity.

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