Bowhunting Fall Turkeys in Missouri

BHOD prostaffer, Kent Petty, recently made good on a little lull in the deer activity when he set up on a turkey-rich farm in Missouri. Kent shares the story here…

We tilled up and planted one of our fall food plots last week and have yet to see any rain since. However, with things being slow with the deer, I figured it might be a good opportunity to take advantage of the turkeys that were using the freshly tilled field to feed and dust.

Long before sunrise, I climbed into my blind overlooking the food plot in hopes of catching the birds as they hit the plot first thing in the morning. But it wasn’t until about 8:45 that I heard a group of birds talking and scratching in the woods about 75 yards in front of me. I knew these birds were headed my way. There was no way they could walk by without stopping by the fresh dirt in the food plot.

Ten minutes later a tom popped out at 50 yards, followed by another big tom, then another. Next thing I knew I had 5 longbeards slowly feeding straight toward me in the food plot. It took the first bird about 5 minutes to cover 25 yards of ground and present me with a perfect 25-yard shot. I had the camera rolling, and the bird was in frame, so I drew back, set the pin and squeezed the trigger.


Whether in the spring or fall, turkeys just can’t resist a freshly tilled field.

My Black Eagle arrow, loaded with a Spitfire broadhead, smacked the bird sending him flipping and flopping. He tried to fly but only made it a few yards from where he entered the field. After a quick recovery and a few photos he was riding in the back of my truck. Later that evening my family enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner provided by the Creator. It was a great day.

A big congrats to Kent on his beautiful fall turkey.

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