Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Review

By Brodie SwisherOctober 3, 20173 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to lay hands on the new Sub-1 crossbow from Mission Archery. Since diving into the crossbow category a few years back, Mission has continued to do a great job of bringing solid crossbows at an affordable price for hunters. Their MXB-320, MXB-400, Sniper Lite, and this year’s Charge have all been great performers. But as we roll into the fall season, Mission is releasing a new bow that is the result of a total re-branding of the Mission crossbow category. The new Sub-1 crossbow takes the Mission crossbow line to a whole new level with performance and precision that are truly raising the standard.


The Sub-1 crossbow is the result of Mission’s desire to set a new standard in the world of crossbows.

First Impressions on the Mission Sub-1

I couldn’t help but smile at my little, wide-eyed boys as we pulled the Sub-1 from the shipping box, knowing that we were laying hands on something pretty special. You can feel it the moment you put your hands on it. It’s not too heavy, but it’s stout. You can immediately tell some serious engineering went in to the design of this one. It fits nicely to the shoulder and is noticeably easy to hold steady in the off-hand aiming position. Although it has ample adjustability, it fit me and my boys nicely, without having to make any changes. It certainly seems to be a nice one-size-fits-all crossbow option.


I made one adjustment on the scope after my first couple arrows. My 3rd and 4th arrows confirmed just how precise this crossbow shoots.

Mission also leaned in to the growing trend of making crossbows more compact and hunter-friendly for toting through the woods with the Sub-1. It’s shorter, and narrower axle-t0-axle than many of it’s competitors and Mission predecessors.

Sub-1 Fit & Finish

As previously mentioned, the Sub-1 felt great at my shoulder. It aims really easy and seems to have a very balanced layout with all components and accessories working together for a really great feel. The Sub-1 I got to test drive had a smooth, black finish with a tactical look about it that any tough guy will appreciate. The Sub-1 features an adjustable stock and comb, but I found it to fit perfectly right out of the box for both myself, as well as my young boys.


The Sub-1 is a tough looking crossbow that’s built to perform, both in the woods and on the range.

Specs on the Sub-1

Specs on the Sub-1 include:

Speed: 350 fps (400gn arrow)

Draw Weight: 200 lbs

Axle-to-Axle: 10.8″ @ full draw (14″)

Overall Length: 30.5″

Trigger Pull: 3.4 lbs

Physical Weight: 7.5 lbs

Power Stroke 13.75″

Let-Off: 80%

Watch the Mission Sub-1 Video Review Below

A Better Crossbow Trigger System

The 2 stage pin/ball bearing roller sear trigger system provides a frictionless and consistent 3.4 lb two stage trigger pull. It allows the shooter to pull the trigger to the “wall” and then break through consistently.

Much like what you’d find on a precision rifle the trigger is smooth and crisp. The roller sear also allows you to pull to the wall and then let off, if you need to, with the trigger resetting to 0 instead of being essentially set as a hair trigger like what you’ll find with many other crossbows.


The Sub-1 trigger system changes the game in crossbow triggers.

SYNC X Cam System

The Sub-1 features the No Cam String Track delivering a fully synced cam system that slaves the rotation of the cams together. When in conjunction with the No Cam String Track, the system eliminates any possibility of horizontal nock travel.

It’s certainly an easier crossbow to cock. In fact, the cocking chores get easier as the cocking rope gets higher, where a shooter has less of a mechanical advantage.

The design brings smooth and consistent arrow acceleration, less wear and stress on trigger parts, and the reverse draw gains power stroke without sacrificing overall length. The system truly provides a cleaner arrow launch for increased accuracy and consistency.


They SYNC X cam system was built for the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use for the shooter.

Built For Stealth and Easy Handling

The crew at Mission admits the Sub-1 was purposefully built to be quiet and super stealthy. This is evident throughout the crossbow. You’ll see it in its stiff, high-quality stock components that result in silent handling. The aluminium stock provides stiffness and quality, and work well with the lightweight over-molded fiber filled composite grips and butt stock material.

On the back end you’ll find an adjust stock and comb with a 1.25″ range.


The adjustable stock and comb make the Sub-1 ideal for shooters of all ages and size.

Mission Sub-1 Final Thoughts

I’ve honestly never been really impressed with a crossbow until this year. There are two crossbows that are turning a lot of heads right now and the Mission Sub-1 is certainly one of them. It really is fun to shoot. The accuracy is beyond impressive and whether you’ve crossbow hunted for years, or are just getting started, the Sub-1 will make you want to head to the woods to punch a few deer tags. It’s designed to be a really user-friendly option in a tight package for easy maneuverability in the treestand or ground blind.

You can see – and purchase – the Mission Sub-1 crossbow for yourself at www.missionarchery.com.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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