Deadliest Bowhunting Women on Outdoor TV

The rise of women hunters continues to be among the fastest growing elements of the hunting and outdoor industry. Women are experiencing opportunities and avenues never seen before in the hunting world. And while there are countless self-proclaimed huntresses and “hotties” that have managed to accrue a massive following through social media stunts (cleavage and short shorts), there is a much smaller group of ladies that are true stone cold hunters when they step into the woods. Their status didn’t come easy. They’ve earned it. And while there are far too many of these ladies to list in this article, here’s a look at 5 of the deadliest bowhunting women on outdoor TV.

Melissa Bachman

A Minnesota native, Melissa got her start working in an unpaid internship with North American Hunter TV. Her on-camera talent and ability was immediately obvious, and she was soon hired as a full time producer for the show.


Bachman’s adventures take her across the globe in pursuit of big game with her bow.

These days she hosts the popular Winchester’s Deadly Passion TV show on the Sportsman Channel. She travels some 200 days a year in an effort to create the show that she produces and edits herself. And if you’ve kept up with Bachman lately, you know that her little pooch, Porkchop, has developed star status as well through most of Melissa’s hunting photos and social media.

Tiffany Lakosky

I remember reading an article years ago about this young, Realtree-clad gal that had killed a nice buck with her boyfriend, Lee Lakosky. The hunting world seemed to notice this fresh face and eagerly welcomed Tiffany Profant on to the hunting scene. She later married Lee, moved to Iowa in pursuit of giant bucks, quit her job as a flight attendant, and began filming some of the best quality big buck hunting shows ever produced. Their show, The Crush, is one of the most popular hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel.


Doing work. Lakosky routinely kills giant bucks with her bow.

And while Lee can be credited with helping Tiffany get started, she can certainly hold her own these days, no doubt. Just look back over some of their shows. The girl can shoot. Long bombs on big muley bucks out west, or targets in the backyard, Tiffany is one of the best bow shots on outdoor TV.

2017 has proved to be one of the craziest years of Tiffany’s life as she’s welcomed her second child into the world as well as battle cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tiffany for continued healing and complete recovery in the days ahead.


Samantha Morgan

Making her home in Pennsylvania, Samantha Morgan is a champion tournament archer that can get the job done in the woods equally well. She’s married to one of the best archers of all time, but her success with a bow came long before she tied the knot with Levi Morgan. But the two do in fact make for a deadly duo when they step into the woods each fall. Their new show, Bowlife, records some of the greatest bowhunting action you’ll ever find on network TV.


Samantha with a great buck she killed while filming for the Bowlife hunting show on Sportsman Channel.

It’s been a great year for Samantha as she recently graced the cover of Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine. It was the first time the magazine has ever featured a woman on the cover.


Brenda Valentine

Known as, The First Lady of Hunting, Brenda Valentine was killing critters on outdoor TV long before being a lady hunter was ever cool. She truly pioneered the way for hunting women today. She’s an award winning TV host, champion archer, and acclaimed author. She’s a 19-year veteran member of Bass Pro Shop’s National RedHead Pro Hunting Team. She is a national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation and is a regular contributor for NWTF’s Turkey Country magazine, and Mossy Oak Biologic Game Keepers magazine.


Brenda Valentine pioneered the way for countless young ladies to enter the hunting and outdoor lifestyle.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that has given back to the hunting industry like Brenda Valentine. She is a true champion for hunters and the hunting lifestyle.

Sarah Bowmar

You won’t find Sarah Bowmar on network TV, but her online bowhunting show is a no-nonsense collection of action-packed bowhunts with a fan-base that’ll rival most any show out there. The girl is a killer. When she draws back her bow, stuff usually dies. It’s fun to watch.


Vegan turned meat eater, Bowmar loves to drop the string on critters of all sizes.

Don’t know the name? Bowmar is the gal married to the guy that successfully stuck a spear in a bear and caused an uproar with the anti-hunting world and Under Armour. The husband/wife team got dumped by Under Armour inciting a media frenzy. Looking back, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to the Bowmars as their fan base went through the roof following the controversial decision by Under Armour. The couple is now clad in NOMAD apparel and is doing quite well.


This list is obviously not all-inclusive. There are a lot of ladies out there that get the job done in the woods with their bow season after season. These are simply five ladies that have left their mark, changing the bowhunting world forever.

Who’s your favorite bowhunting woman? Comment below, and let us know what you think.

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