Interview with Eva Shockey on Life, Family, and Taking Aim

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time on the phone with Eva Shockey talking about life, her growing family, and her new book, Taking Aim. Shockey is a super busy woman these days in her new role as a mom, author and preparing for the upcoming hunting season, so I was glad to sneak in a little time with her for a Q&A session.


Sweet Leni Bow. @evashockey

Life with Leni Bow

It’s been said that a baby changes everything. And Eva is figuring out all the good changes that come with welcoming a newborn into the world.

Shockey and retired hockey player husband, Tim, welcomed Leni Bow into the world on January 12th of this year. “The name, Leni, comes from my grandfather, Len,” says Shockey. And the name, Bow? Well, the couple is obviously anticipating another archer in the family.


How will Eva handle hunting season with a 9-month old baby?

“It’s going to be interesting to see how it all works out,” says Shockey. “Between the role of mom to Leni Bow, a book tour, and hunting season, it’s going to be an exciting fall.”

Where did the title, Taking Aim, come from?


Taking Aim, on sale now.

“The book was designed to appeal to hunters and non-hunters alike. It’s a lifestyle book to encourage others to go against the grain and do what makes them happy. I want to encourage people to take aim at their goals, dreams and aspirations.”

Who inspired the book?

“I thought about writing a book for a long time. I just never did it. I started writing the book when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I realized the next generation is coming. I wanted to speak out and encourage others to breathe the fresh air, do something you’ve always wanted to do. I want my daughter to have something to look back on.”

Why hunt for your food?

“I grew up eating wild game. It’s all I really knew. Moose and carribou being butchered in our garage was a pretty common scene at our house growing up. But going off to college helped me get a better look at the food I was putting in my body. Unhealthy eating habits during college helped me gain a much greater respect for the healthy meat my family obtained through hunting. And then when I killed my first animal, a warthog, the light bulb went off in my mind. I can do this. I can provide meat for my family’s table through my own hunting adventures. I am a hunter.”

What’s Eva’s favorite wild game to eat?

“It would definitely be moose, carribou, and elk. Those are what I grew up on.”

You mention God in your book. How does hunting bring you closer to God?

“I was always brought up believing in God, and I definitely feel closest to God in nature. We think about God’s blessing every time we pull meat from the freezer.”

Tell us what it is you love about bowhunting?

“Bowhunting is a love/hate relationship for me, no doubt. Bowhunting provides the most adrenaline I’ve ever felt. I’ve never felt closer to passing out than when bowhunting, and I love that it has that effect on me. I don’t want to pass out, but I don’t want to lose that rush of adrenaline that comes with bowhunting. I love the challenge. I love that you’re so close to the animals. I just love to shoot my bow. I love the process. And I really like that I can do it anywhere.”

Eva Shockey Instagram

Shockey loves the adrenaline rush that comes with getting close to wild game.

Why the hate from the haters?

“I think it comes down to them being naiive about hunters and hunting. I personally believe in hunting and won’t back down. If I didn’t believe in it so much, I would have backed down a long time ago when the haters were coming at me so strong. I feel it’s my responsibility to keep making folks aware of the good things that come with hunting.”

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

“I want people to know how much I appreciated nature, family, and the animals that fed us.”


Eva Shockey has been given a tremendous platform to share the wholesome side of hunting. She is a voice for today’s hunter.

Where will Eva be hunting this fall?

“I’ve got hunting trips planned for big bucks in Saskatchewan, Roosevelt elk in Oregon, and Yukon moose…maybe.”

Eva Shockey Signature Series

Aside from the Taking Aim book, you can find Eva’s name on a variety of new items throughout the industry with products such as the Eva Shockey Signature Series Bow from Bowtech, Eva Shockey Signature Series Release from Tru-Fire, and the Cabela’s Eva Shockey Outdoor Elegance Bedding Collection.

Check out for all the latest on what Eva’s up to as well as info on where to find her new book, Taking Aim ($17.00).

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