Antelope Tags Punched

It didn’t take long for Todd Graf to shed first blood of the fall season when he ventured out to Wyoming with his son, Craig, in pursuit of antelope. The guys have been hunting with BHOD prostaffer, Dustin Decroo, of Big Horn Outfitters.

antelope blind

What better way to kick off the fall hunting season than with antelope out west?

The first day found Todd sitting in a treestand for an unconventional approach to killing his antelope. He was set up overlooking an incredible trail leading in and out of the field. And while he had some encounters, and saw plenty of antelope, the treestand didn’t pay off.

antelope from treestand

The guys climbed into a ground blind on day two and wasted no time in dropping the string on the second day of the season.

todd's antelope buck

Making the hunt even better, Todd’s son, Craig, stepped up to the trigger and did a little work on the local antelope with his TenPoint crossbow.

craig graf antelopeBe watching for more from this exciting hunt soon, right here at



  1. Great pronghorns. I spent 4 long days 4:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in blinds (sauna) until I shot one with my bow in Colorado. Because of the heavy rains the week before there was water everywhere so it took three days for everything to dry up before they were hitting the water holes with blinds.

  2. Joe Gough says:

    Guys , In this episode todd mentioned an app for sighting in your bow using yardage tapes. Could you tell me what that app was as i had trouble understanding what Todd had said. Thank you

    • It’s called the UNO Archery App. So long as you know the speed of your bow and take a few measurements it will allow you to set your pin gap on a multi-pin sight, or determine which tape you need for a single-pin adjustable sight.


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