Stealth Cam Scouting Pix From The BHOD Team

We checked in with a few of the Bowhunt or Die team members for an update on their summer scouting photos from the Stealth Cam. Like a lot of other bowhunters are experiencing, trail cam pix for the team have been hit or miss up to this point. Some guys have seen the bucks they’d hoped for, while others haven’t seen jack.

buck drinking at creek

Paul Morrison always seems to have some really cool photos at his creek crossings and water-hole sets.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t have any heavy hitters showing up on camera. But it’s important to remember, the camera doesn’t catch everything. There are big bucks hanging out on or around your property that may never show up on camera all summer long.

And will the ones that are showing up on camera now even be around come hunting season? Don’t sweat it. Enjoy what your trail camera provides, and enjoy the process.

Check out these Stealth Camp pix from some of the BHOD team members…

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