How to Hang and Hunt in 7 Minutes

Most bowhunters are deer hunters, and as deer hunters we’re always looking for a better way to do things in the whitetail woods.  Better can often be translated as”faster” or “quieter” for a of things, especially when it comes to moving and hanging treestands.  No other setup allows you the mobility and nearly limitless options as the hang-on treestand paired with a good set of climbing sticks. It’s the ultimate setup for hang and hunt treestand sets.

But is it really that great an option when it comes to moving quickly?  Many hunters dread the idea of a hang-on stand and climbing sticks simply because they hate the thought of multiple trips up and down the tree and all the time and noise that it takes to install this setup.  But the truth is that with the right equipment and a little know-how this is actually one of the quickest setups you’ll ever employ in the deer woods.

hanging lone wolf treestand

A versatile setup that’s quick and easy to move allows the deer hunter to hunt more ground and increase their odds for success.

Jared Schilpf of Lone Wolf shows us how to install climbing sticks, a hang-on stand and pull up your bow, all in just one trip up the tree. It’s a setup that he can knock out in just 7 minutes.

Watch how it’s done…


So the next time you opt for the climbing stand thinking it is the quickest and best option available, remember Jared’s hang and hunt setup in just 7 minutes.  The versatility offered by a hang-on stand and climbing sticks in areas where few straight trees exist can significantly up your odds at tagging the buck you’re after.

Comment below and let us know what your favorite treestand setup is for hunting deer.

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