Easton Pro Shop Tool Kit

The ability to work on your own equipment, anywhere and anytime, just got a lot easier with Easton’s Archery Essentials Pro Shop Tool Kit. The 12-piece tool kit has everything you need to keep you on the range or in the woods when it comes to maintenance of your tournament or bowhunting gear. Here’s a closer look at Easton’s Archery Essentials Pro Shop Tool Kit.

archery tool kit packaging

The kit comes in a zippered Case Cube for easy packing, so you always have your tools at the ready.

The zippered Case Cube keeps things handy, allowing you to always have your tools ready to roll, whether you’re in hunting camp, on the range, or in the garage. The Case Cube features a peel-off hook and loop panel to attach to bow cases with fleece-lined interiors.

tool kit opened

Unzip the case and you’ll find all the essentials for maintaining your own equipment.

archery tool kit

A closer look at the goods included in this mobile pro shop tool kit.

Inside the the Case Cube you’ll find: D-Loop pliers, bow square, small folding allen wrench set, extra large folding allen wrench set, arrow prep tool kit, nock installation and removal tool, wedge arrow puller, bowstring wax, serving thread, D-Loop rope, and broadhead wrench.

Arrow Prep

More times than not, archers and bowhunters fail to properly prep their arrows before gluing inserts. The result is inserts, field points, and broadheads coming off in the target. Failure should not be an option when it comes to our gear. The 9-piece arrow prep tool allows you to clean your shafts and remove any saw-dust prior to applying adhesives. It’s a simple step, but one that really needs to happen for best results.

arrow prep tool kit

9-Piece Arrow Prep Tool Kit

Nock Install and Removal Tool

Installing, tuning and tweaking your nocks is quick and simple with this handy little tool. It fits a variety of different nocks and eliminates the need for using your teeth or multi-tool for making adjustments. And what about those nocks that break off down in the arrow shaft? Have you ever tried to fish one of those out? It’s a real pain. But not with this removal tool. You can simply screw into the broken nock and pull free. This is a great little gadget.

nock tool

The Nock install and removal tool makes arrow build and repair chores quick and simple.

D-Loop Pliers

Don’t let a broken D-Loop ruin your hunt or time on the range. Making the repair is quick and simple with this tool kit. In addition to the included D-Loop rope, the kit also features a really slick little pair of D-Loop pliers. to help you install or replace the perfect d-loop on your bowstring. The pliers have multiple uses, also serving as nock pliers, crimpers and more.


Setting the perfect d-loop or nock is a cinch with Easton’s Elite Nock and D-Loop Pliers.

Other Essentials

Other essentials in this kit include: serving thread for string repair work, a broadhead wrench to keep you safe when adding/removing heads, bowstring wax to help increase the lifespan of your string, an arrow puller, and a bow square. And of course, no tool kit would be complete without several allen wrench sets. The allen wrench set is one tool you’ll use all the time – and nearly every time – when it comes to archery repair and adjustments. Don’t get caught without your allen wrench set.

bow square

Easton’s Bow Square – L Model

You can certainly buy these different tools individually as you need them, but this all-in-one kit will save you 30% of what you’d spend buying the pieces individually.

The Archery Essentials Pro Shop Kit retails for $101.99 and can be found at www.eastonarchery.com.

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