How to Tie a D-Loop

For today’s compound bow archers, the D-loop is a critical connection point between the archer and the bow. It’s where you hook your release in order to draw the bowstring.

In the not too distant past, bowhunters clipped their releases directly to the bowstring. What they found was that put a lot of wear and tear on the string itself, and repairs were both time consuming and expensive. If the string broke, it could even damage the bow.

By using a D-loop, you can wear it out without doing any damage to the bowstring. Just tie on a new one when the time is right. Also, since a D-loop connects to the string above and below the arrow, you get a more consistent arrow release.

Tying your own D-loop is simple, and you can do it at home. All you need is some D-loop material, a lighter, knife and a set of D-loop pliers.

Watch our demonstration video to learn exactly how to tie a D-loop.

PJ Reilly

PJ Reilly

P.J. Reilly is an avid archer and bowhunter disguised as an outdoor writer. P.J. lives in a swamp in southeast Pennsylvania, where he watches deer and tries to avoid poison ivy.
PJ Reilly

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  1. Edward Medvec says:

    That was the easiest, most straightforward instructions I’ve ever seen. Years of bow hunting and archery and never could lean how to tie a D loop.


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