Lancaster Archery Makes Huge Impact

I recently had the chance for a return visit to speak at a Sportsmen Dinner event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s a really cool event held each year at a church called the Worship Center. I was fired up when I got the first invite to be a part of this event four years ago, particularly because I knew the town was home to Lancaster Archery Supply. And as a bowhunter, you just can’t go to Lancaster, PA without stopping in at Lancaster Archery Supply.

Lancaster Archery shop

The Lancaster pro shop is a must-see destination for any archer or bowhunter.

Unfortunately, on my first trip out there, time did not allow for much more than a quick stop by the LAS facilities. So on this return trip, I made sure we left a block of time to stop back in and hang out with the crew from LAS and to spend some time checking out their facilities.

Lancaster and the Local Community

LAS was one of the sponsors for the event I was speaking at over the weekend, and not only did they help with product donations, but they also had staff on sight to run a children’s archery range. As you might imagine, the archery range was a favorite for most every boy and girl in attendance.

kids archery range

Lancaster Archery works hard to pass on their love of archery to the next generation of shooters.

There were some 2300 hunters and outdoorsmen in attendance at this year’s event, including some of the biggest bowhunters you’ll find anywhere in the country. And in talking with some of the guys one on one, it was obvious, they love Lancaster Archery.

sportsmen dinner

Lancaster is home to some of the biggest bowhunters you’ll ever find. These guys and gals eat, sleep, and breathe bowhunting.

The locals love Lancaster Archery, no doubt. Why? Because the crew at Lancaster Archery go out of their way to take care of the archery and bowhunting community like nobody else. This all starts through their store and pro shop. There you’ll find over 10,000 square feet of bows and archery supplies. From bowhunting gear to tournament archery gear and equipment, you’ll find it all at Lancaster’s store and pro shop.

Rob Kaufhold

LAS founder and president, Rob Kaufhold (center) attended this year’s event in Lancaster. Rob’s passion for archery and bowhunting is contagious, and he loves to pass it on to the younger generation of shooters.

Lancaster Archery also offers the opportunity to try it before you buy it when it comes to selecting a new bow. Test drive the bow of your choice on their indoor range before making your final purchase. You can also take advantage of their outdoor range, techno hunt, archery academy, and archery leagues.

lancaster archery indoor range

Try it before you buy it at Lancaster Archery.

Lancaster Archery Across the World

Lancaster Archery’s impact reaches well beyond the local community. In fact, archers and bowhunters across the world count on LAS to meet their archery and bowhunting needs. They’ve come to know and trust that they can get the equipment they need and customer service they expect from LAS. And with over 40,000 products available for archery, bowhunting, and the outdoors, they’ve pretty much got you covered.

lancaster archery store

The gear options are seemingly endless at Lancaster Archery.

They also experience global impact with archers from around the world joining them for their annual Lancaster Classic tournament event. This year’s event once again set record numbers and grew beyond what the LAS crew ever imagined. Winners from around the world found their way to the podium this year with thousands of dollars in prize money and braggin’ rights on winning one of the world’s toughest competitions. Check out more from our friends at Lancaster Archery at

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