Turkey Anatomy and Proper Arrow Placement

Whether you’re just getting started in your quest to kill a turkey with a bow, or have been doing it for years, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more challenging critter to shoot than the wild turkey. A turkey’s vitals are tiny. Making matters worse, the super-small vitals are hidden by all the feathers. And the vitals seemingly shift depending on whether or not the bird is strutting. Like I said, they can be a very deceiving target. Here’s a closer look at turkey anatomy and proper arrow placement.

turkey shot placment

There’s not much room for error when bowhunting turkeys. Be sure you know where to hold your pin.

There’s been plenty of how-to’s on the subject of shooting turkeys with a bow, but few give as much insight as the video below. Check it out for a look at how and where to properly execute the shot on turkeys in a variety of positions.

So, how did you do in the variety of circumstances illustrated in the video? Would you have been right on the money, or missing by a mile? Be sure to take the time to practice and know without a doubt that you can place your arrow in the sweet spot on a turkey this spring. When you punch a tag on a turkey with a bow, you’ll know you’ve accomplished one of bowhunting’s greatest challenges.

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