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The only thing that could possibly be more exciting than bowhunting is receiving and testing new bowhunting gear. And when that bowhunting gear is delivered right to your doorstep each month, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Now, one man is making that very thing happen for bowhunters across the country with Bowhunter Box Club.

box club logoJason Feldt is the man behind the popular new Bowhunter Bow Club concept. Jason is a bowhunter that lives in Texas with his wife and two young children, Madison and Hunter. Jason shot his first deer with a bow 15 hours after shooting his first deer ever with a 30-06 and he’s been in love with bowhunting ever since.

Where Did The Idea for Bowhunter Box Club Come From?

“The desire to constantly tinker, the entrepreneurial mindset that I’ve always had and some amazing people I met through another hunting related venture, really got me to thinking,” said Feldt. “And after seeing many other subscription boxes, I knew that Bowhunters deserved their own.

bowhunter box club

You’ll find some of the best gear in the business in the box each month.

So I decided that the Bowhunter Box Club would be a fun way that bowhunters could get a chance to test out new gear every month and at a value that you won’t find at a big box store.”

“With so many great products out there, I realized there were many great advantages to the monthly subscription box for both the end consumer and the companies selling the products. Not everyone has a good pro shop nearby or a major outdoor store like Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s conveniently located to their homes to be able to check out so many new and different products. And we all know the major sporting good retailers do not serve the bowhunting market very well at all. And to top that off, if you decide you want to try different items like testing new broadheads, your’e going to have to drop a lot of money to buy up multiple packages, test them, pick one you like and then go back and buy more. With the Bowhunter Box Club we’ll send you great bowhunting products to use and test every month for less than their retail cost and without having to drive all over the place.”

Subscription Options for Bowhunter Box Club

Each month, for a subscription cost of $40 per month, (additional savings available via prepaid terms of 3, 6 and 12 months) subscribers get a box with a minimum of $60-70 worth of retail value bowhunting products delivered directly to their doorstep. This provides opportunities to try out different products, new products, products some might not have thought to pick up on their own that they’ll find useful and maybe even some great stuff they never even knew was out there.
bowhunter box club gear

Here’s a look at the gear found in April’s Bowhunter Box which included broadheads, scent sticks, bow string wax and some goodies from

Bowhunter Box Club can benefit long-time bowhunters that may be set in their ways by putting new products in their hand to actually test rather than writing it off just because it is different. And new bowhunters will have the opportunity to test out gear and find out what they truly like for themselves. It also really helps them build up their arsenal of useful bowhunting gear that we all have collected slowly over the years. Anything that a bowhunter might find useful could be found in the box each month. There will be several months that feature broadheads and also many other great products and tools along the way.
box club vipIn addition to the monthly box, Bowhunter Box Club offers the VIP Pass Thru Club.
There are many bowhunting related items that are just too big and too expensive to put in the monthly boxes, so in comes the VIP Pass Thru Club. For an annual fee of $79 you can get 12 full months of exclusive discount codes for VIP members that will allow them opportunities to buy and try out more gear at a reduced price from some great club partners. But the most exciting part of the VIP club is the VIP exclusive giveaways every month. You might compare the VIP club to buying 12 raffle tickets for the price of one. All active VIP members are automatically entered into the drawings every month. The March giveaway was a Hoyt Pro Defiant. April’s giveaway was a Mathews Halon 32, and in May Bowhunter Box Club will be giving away an Elite bow. The club will also have an annual mega-giveaway with a value of at least $5000, such as hunting trips.
The team at Bowhunter Box Club is committed to offering the greatest value and service possible to its subscribers. Get signed up today at
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