Bear Attack: How Close is Too Close?

Bear season has come once again, and hunters are now hitting the hills in search of hunting’s most adrenaline-packed adventure of the year. Whether you’re hunting black bear, brown bear, or grizzlies, there is no other hunt on earth that compares to hunting bruins at eye level. It’s a critter that can kill you quicker than you can holler for help.

bear attack grizzly bear hunt

Would you be able to control your nerves enough to make the shot with a bear this close?

It’s a hunt that demands your utmost respect and attention. And when things go south in bear country, and a bear attack becomes reality, you’ll quickly see a separation of the men from the boys. The question arises each spring, how close is too close when it comes to a bear getting up in your business?

This video shows a couple hunters that kept their composure with a bear that got a little too tight while bowhunting.

How would you have handled this situation? Did they let the bear get too close? What would you choose, pepper spray or a gun when it comes to deterring bears when a charge ensues?


  1. close call, tough critters. Not a bow kill.


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