Turkey Crashes Through Windshield

Deer/vehicle collisions are a pretty common occurrence in areas with excessive deer numbers. But have you ever heard of a collision involving a turkey and vehicle? Well, it happens. Just ask, John Tarabocchia. Tarabocchia and family were headed down the road near LaPorte, Indiana after celebrating a family member’s acceptance to Notre Dame when they came face to face with a 25-pound gobbler at their windshield.

turkey shatters winshield

Will a turkey bounce off the windshield or go through? Here’s the answer.

Apparently the family was on U.S 20 north of LaPorte when Tarabocchia saw several turkeys crossing the highway. When one of the birds attempted to fly across, it slammed into the windshield of the Tarabocchia’s rental vehicle. No injuries were reported. Just some obvious fear and trembling of what could have been a much worse situation.

turkey vehicle collision

This situation could have been much worse had this bird made it all the way through the windshield.

“I’d say God was with him this morning,” said LaPorte County Police Officer, Ken Etchison.

Reports say that an eye witness received permission to take the turkey home where he planned to clean it and cook it.

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