Deadly Arrows for 2017

2017’s arrow lineup delivers better technology and higher performance.

We pounded aisles on the 2017 ATA Show floor to get the first comprehensive look at the market’s newest products. High on our list were arrows. You see, the materials and processes used to create arrow shafts ultimately determine how tight their tolerances will be and how precisely they will group at distance. Arrow manufacturers tirelessly refine these materials and processes to continually drive technology and performance to new heights.

Well, they’ve done it again. Arguably, 2017’s arrows are superior to all past lineups. To that end, let’s review some standouts from the ATA Show.

 Victory Archery VAP TKO Elite

Victory Archery is an all-star arrow manufacturer, and it produces the VAP TKO Elite with only the tightest tolerances in mind. Hailing from the VAP Low Torque line, the TKO Elite features a +/- .0001-inch straightness. This 100-percent-carbon, micro-diameter shaft boasts a revolutionary construction process known as MaxxKe. At the heart of this technology is a 45-degree carbon weave. This diminishes the twisting force transferred to the arrow when shot. The shaft recovers more quickly for optimal flight. Shok inserts, offered in two versions – 35 grains, 7075 hard-anodized aluminum; 95 grains, 303 stainless steel – aid penetration by optimizing FOC. Victory’s Nano Ceramic ICE coating enhances penetration and ensures nearly effortless target removal.

arrows Victory VAP TKO Elite 350

Victory VAP TKO Elite 350

Carbon Express Mayhem DS

Carbon Express’  Mayhem DS arrow series boosts bowhunting performance by incorporating proprietary Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, which fuses together two spines to recover faster and more effectively manage energy. This allows the arrow to spin 20 percent quicker than other arrows, delivering pure broadhead accuracy. The shaft’s front section is constructed with CX’s BuffTuff, which is the toughest and quietest finish available. Every shaft is laser-checked for straightness to a maximum variance of .0035 inch. Quad Raptor vanes are durable and direct broadheads for optimal accuracy, and LAUNCHPAD precision nocks produce consistent bowstring departure.

arrows Carbon Express Mayhem

Carbon Express Mayhem DS

Easton 6MM FMJ AO

Who doesn’t love a throwback? You might recall Easton’s XX75 aluminum arrows in Autumn Orange, which were popular from the 1970s to the late 1990s. For 2017, Easton throws back its FMJ with the limited-edition 6MM FMJ AO, which closely resembles the dated XX75s, but with the FMJ’s modern specs and performance. It features the same base carbon core wrapped with a 7075-aluminum jacket as the regular 6MM shaft, but in a retro appearance anyone can appreciate. Available in 320, 390 and 470 spines, Easton offers the 6MM FMJ AO affordably, giving blue-collar bowhunters the advanced performance of the FMJ in a unique throwback design.


arrows Easton 6MM FMJ AO

Easton 6MM FMJ AO

Beman WhiteOut

Beman’s  ICS WhiteOut carbon bolt combines a strong, multi-laminate bright white carbon with field-proven components to deliver modern graphics with unparalleled performance. The WhiteOut bolt improves flight visibility, and simplifies shot identification. WhiteOut bolts are matched for weight and checked for straightness so you can group tighter than ever. The lightweight carbon construction is undeniably tough, yet flies fast for flat trajectory.

Beman WhiteOut Bolt

Beman WhiteOut Bolt

Rage Simply Lethal Arrow Package

Rage Simply Lethal

Rage Simply Lethal Arrow Pack

Rage ( streamlines the arrow-buying process with the all-new Simply Lethal Arrow Package. Each package contains three fletched Gold Tip arrows and your choice of the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-grain or the Rage SC 2-Blade 100-grain Chisel Tip broadheads, not to mention field points for target practice. The arrows come pre-cut to 29 ½ inches and fully equipped with nocks, inserts and 2-inch GT vanes. And, they have a +/- .006-inch straightness tolerance and a +/- .002-grain weight tolerance. Rage’s proven blade-retention system is the ultra-reliable Shock Collar. Together, this is one deadly combination.


Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

Gold Tip’s Velocity Valkyrie is an aggressive-looking shaft that boasts +/- .003-inch straightness and +/- .5-grain weight tolerances. Five spine offerings – 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600 – cover the needs of most bowhunters. The lightweight Velocity construction maximizes speed, but Gold Tip’s 100% Pure Carbon Technology ensures durability you can count on. An industry first, the Velocity Valkyrie comes from the factory in a four-fletch configuration. This increases back-end drag, stabilizes faster, and shrinks groups by up to 75 percent. With the Velocity Valkyrie, you get Gold Tip performance with stunning graphics, making it an arrow you can proudly load onto your string in the bowhunting woods.

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

Gold Tip Velocity Valkyrie

SLASH Carbon Bolt

SLASH Arrows with InsetBlade Technology are highly regarded, and now SLASH develops that success by tapping the crossbow market with the SLASH Carbon Bolt. Unlike competing bolts, the SLASH Carbon Bolt features patented INsetBlade Technology to create a 275 percent larger wound channel than other leading bolt/broadhead combinations, but without the wind resistance since the blades are contained within a 4-inch section of the shaft. All SLASH Carbon Bolts are matched for weight with broadheads and field tips before shipping. What does that mean to you? You get little, if any, variance between bolts.

SLASH INsetBlade Bolt

SLASH INsetBlade Bolt

Nockturnal Predator Crossbow Bolts

The Predator Bolts from Nockturnal are tough as nails and a deadly accurate option for crossbow shooters. Seriously, these bolts are super beefy and can handle the abuse you’ll dish out on the range or in the woods. The bolts come with Nockturnal lighted nocks pre-installed, so you’re ready to hunt, right out of the package. They are available in 20″ and 22″.

Nockturnal Predator Bolts

Nockturnal Predator Bolts

Elite Archery Enforcer 350

Elite Archery Arrow

Elite Archery Enforcer Arrow

Elite Archery launches the Enforcer 350 arrow to complement its high-performance bow lineup. It features impeccable specs and is constructed from 100-percent high-modulus carbon fiber, which radiates strength and durability. The Enforcer 350 is moderately weighted at 8.7 grains per inch, and its smooth finish enhances penetration and rides quietly on your arrow rest. The USA-made Enforcer arrow features a .245-inch inside diameter, and each dozen is weight-matched to +/- 0.5 grains.

Black Eagle Instinct

Black Eagle Instinct

Black Eagle Instinct

The Instinct from Black Eagle Arrows offers traditional taste and is the first micro-diameter carbon arrow to feature a traditional wood-grain look. Its 15/64-inch diameter minimizes wind resistance and encourages penetration. The Instinct features a +/- .005-inch straightness rating, and it’s available in the following spine sizes: 350, 400, 500 and 600. Cresting and 3-inch feathers enhance the Instinct’s traditional feel. Durability is a Black Eagle mainstay, and the Instinct exudes toughness by also incorporating a 100-grain Super Tough outsert to improve FOC. The result is lights-out performance.

 No Limit Archery Cobalt

No Limit Archery’s lineup includes the all-new Cobalt arrow shaft. It’s constructed from 100 percent high-modulus carbon material, and it’s a skinny, lightweight shaft designed for speed and forgiveness when shooting competitively. A +/- .001-inch straightness rating ensures only the most precise flight. The Cobalt is designed for FITA and recurve shooters. Additionally, No Limit offers components geared specifically for the Cobalt. These include 3-D target points and pin-nock bushings.

No Limit Cobalt Arrow

No Limit Archery Cobalt Arrow



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