Is This a Rutty Buck or CWD Victim?

Let me start by saying that what the guy in the following video does is a great way to get seriously injured, or killed. We certainly don’t recommend approaching a wild deer, much less “harassing” them for photo opps. But the video begs the question, is this a rutty buck or CWD victim?

man fighting buck

Could one man hold his own against a healthy whitetail buck?

It’s not uncommon for bucks experiencing the effects of the rut to display an abnormal tolerance for human interaction. Some of these bucks seemingly lose their mind. They show no fear of anyone, or anything. To that regard, this could be what’s going down in the video.

Check it out and see what you think. (The video does contain adult language.)

Or is this buck sick? Seriously, could the guy have really held on to a healthy whitetail buck? Surely a healthy buck of this size, and with that kind of headgear would have had his way with the goofball grabbing him by the antlers, right? The deer could very likely be struggling with the deadly effects of the deadly CWD disease.

What do you think? Was this buck simply jacked up from the rut, or was he battling CWD? Comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Too bad the dumb ass didn’t get gored.

  2. Brian J Schrift says:

    To answer the question posed, I would have to say that the deers internal faculties would have been on the downward slide from EHD or another disease that was in its onset. This is not the normal behavior of a deer before, during or after the rut. Although not think enough to get shot while chasing his woman during the rut, this buck does not even look rutted up at all and certainly did not look like he had ran the November Midwest Marathon. Lastly, that guy needs to be locked up by the local DNR for frattenizin’ with the local stud… What a dummy…

  3. Buckdragger says:

    I wouldn’t say CWD. Maybe a Vision impairment of some sort. It seems like the deer is using its ears an awful lot to get a picture of its surroundings. That guy was able to approach it seemingly without it even knowing he was there until enough force was applied to his headgear. Other than that the deer looks healthy and is able to defend itself fairly well considering the amount of force that was being applied to his head it wasnt as easy as it may have seemed for that guy to do what he did. I’d like to punch him in the throat though for messing with the buck. They are under enough stress that time of year and don’t need the added stress of and idiot making whatever ailment it could have worse.

  4. This deer was not anywhere close to rut stage! At first glance, he would apear to be a pet. However, he still would have the rut factors showing up. In the latter stages of CWD or EHD, blindness starts to occur. There is also weakening caused by the disease. This would also allow the guy to hold his head. Oh yes, STUPID GUY! He’s just begging for trouble!

  5. Don’t think your going to spark to many good convo’s out of this video, we’re all hunters at heart and understand the harvesting of these animals but an injured or ran down or cwd deer doesn’t make it play time.

  6. It’s a victim of “hold my beer” syndrome and “give PETA something to complain about” disorder.

  7. Those types of people have no respect for wildlife or hunting and give all of us a bad name. Its obvious the deer was either a pet or ill. No man could wrestle with a mature buck and not get injured if otherwise.

    • Paul Blackburn says:

      There’s a possibility the buck might have some kind of deer problem, or was a pet. It lost it’s balance easily; therefore, that might have been an early sign of an onset of a disease. What ever the case was, I would not grab a healthy buck by the antlers. A healthy buck is far more stronger than that, and can toss a man into the air, and do some serious damage to him. The only way to know for sure, is to do blood work on the animal. Too late for that at this time.

  8. I knew a farmer years ago that attempted removal of a large, healthy rutting buck from a woven wire fence. He succeeded at the cost of a separated shoulder, severed triceps tendon and lacerated spleen. No way this deer was healthy unless it was a pet or farm raised. For his apparent age he was poorly muscled and seemed to be partially blind.
    The Rhodes Scholar that grabbed him is proof the God watches over the intellectually challenged

  9. Seems like a deer that has been around several people and was possibly fed by humans. Which “Gordo” would have left him alone.


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