2017 ATA Show Day 1

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 10, 20172 Comments

We’re just wrapping up day one of the 2017 ATA show in Indianapolis, IN. Things have been fast and furious this morning as we’ve caught up with sponsors, interviewed industry friends on the latest news for archery and bowhunting, and checked out a seemingly endless supply of new archery and bowhunting products being unleashed for 2017.

There was a lot of buzz building as the show kicked off about Levi and Samantha Morgan returning to Mathews. Justin Zarr made his first stop at the Mathews shooting range to get the word from the Morgan’s and to hear their thoughts on the new gear from Mathews.

levi morgan

Justin Zarr had a chance to catch up with Levi and Samantha Morgan to hear more on their move back to Mathews for 2017.

Samantha Morgan

Zarr gets the skinny on the new Mathews AVAIL from Samantha Morgan.

Rinehart targets is releasing some crazy new targets for 2017. Go big or go home, right?

rinehart sasquatch

The Rinehart Sasquatch target coming in 2018.

There new stag target is an awesome specimen that’ll be a nice addition to any 3D range. But their new Sasquatch target is what’s really creating a lot of buzz at this year’s show. The target is monstrous! It will be available in 2018.

Other great targets from Rinehart include a new lineup of small game and novelty targets. Pheasant, squirrel, vampire bat, spraying skunk, and more. They will be a hit on the 3D range this summer, no doubt.

There’s more broadheads at this year’s show than you’ll find anywhere. There’s a ton of new options on the market that we’ll be covering in the next few days.

One of the heads that we came across today was the new Ramcat Savage. This broadhead is wicked looking and boasts a 2″ cutting diameter. The concave scoop design of this head was engineered for greater penetration and accuracy.


Ramcat has launched a new line of devastating broadheads with their new Savage broadhead.

Lumenok’s latest offering is a lighted nock that is now 30% brighter than the competition. And you’ll know it when you see it. The Bowhunting.com crew stopped in to check things out and see for themselves what the buzz is all about on this new and improved lighted nock.


Graf and Zarr catch up with Curt Price of Lumenok.


Eric Price shows off just how bright the new Lumenok is.

Tactacam showed off their new 4.0 version camera. Features of the new version of cameras include 5X zoom, image stabilization technology, a weatherproof housing, one touch record and external battery indicator. The 4.0 version is also WiFi compatible.

Tactacam 2017 ata show

The new Tactacam 4.0 has beefed things up for 2017 with new options to make your self-filming efforts all the better.

We stopped in to the Fin-Finder booth and checked out the new Deepwater Bow Case designed specifically for bowfishing. Along with housing your bow, the case accommodates an arrow tube. In fact, the Hydro-Guard Arrow Tube is included free with the case. It has ample drainage and ventilation holes, and has a retriever reel bump-out allowing you to easily store your bow without having to remove your reel.

fin finder bowfishing case 2017 ATA show

The new Deepwater Bow Case designed for bowfishing bows.

We found a new concept in peep sight design with the new Precision Peeps. Much like a rifle sight, the Precision Peep allows for tighter groups and faster target acquisition. It’s center post design gives an accurate reference point like nothing else.

precision peeps

Kristen Wolf of Precision Peeps shows off their new peep sight for 2017.

Jack links

Not to be outdone by the Rinehart Sasquatch, the Jack Link’s Sasquatch made the rounds at the ATA show on day one. He was surprisingly smaller than the Rinehart Sasquatch.

The Mathews Stoke ensures that our youth aren’t left hangin’ when it comes to owning a killer bow. Youth bows are typically a watered down version of what kids really want. But not with the Stoke. This sweet little shooter has everything dad’s bow has, in a nice and tight package that’s a perfect fit. Check it out at Mathewsinc.com.

Mathews Stoke

We’ll be giving an in-depth review on the Mathews Stoke in the days to come, but here’s a quick look at the slickest youth bow ever created.

There was a torture test taking place at the Gold Tip booth that would make you cringe. It was pretty impressive to say the least. The test opened a lot of eyes to how tough Gold Tip arrows truly are.

gold tip torture test

The Gold Tip Torture Test was pretty impressive.

HHA finally answered the demand for a multiple pin option in their sight lineup for 2017. They have long been known as the leader in single pin sights. Now they have an awesome new addition for the shooter looking for multiple pins, yet still having a slider. It’s the new Optimizer 3 Pin.

HHA 3 Pin

The long awaited 3-pin slider has finally arrived from HHA.

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