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It wasn’t too long ago that’s, Justin Zarr, shared several videos on how to build your own bow holder. The step-by-step videos show you how to build your own bow holder out of PVC pipe. It’s a low cost option that can be built pretty quick and easy. See the video HERE

But if you’re not the guy or gal looking for a do-it-yourself project, but still want a really cool bow holder, you ought to take a look at the BowShooters Station from the folks at LA Hunting Gear.


Looking to buy a bow holder for your archery range? Check out the Bowshooters Station.

I’ll be honest, I’m bad about laying my bow on the ground or leaning it against a tree. This only results in wear and tear on my bow. The cams pick up dirt and mud and the string gets worn from encounters with treebark. That’s why a bow hanger or holder is an excellent addition for any shooting range.

bowshooters station

The Bowshooters Station makes a nice addition to any shooting range.

I recently checked out the Bowshooters Station bow holder and found it to be pretty much bullet proof. The powder coated frame is super strong, yet very easy to tote around when moving it around the range or back to the shop. It’s really light. Just grab it with a couple fingers, take it where you want it, and drop it down.

It’s an all in one unit that can hold two bows, arrows, and even has a drink holder for your favorite beverage.

bowshooters station

Does your bow hanger have a place to hold your cold ones?

The actual bow-holding clevis on this stand is solid and very adjustable. In fact, it can be adjusted up to 21 positions for any compound bow, longbow, or recurve. The stand serves both right and left-handed shooters. It’s also an excellent option for wheelchair bound shooters.

bowshooters station

A special coating on the bow clevis ensures your bow won’t be scratched or scuffed.

bowshooters station

The bow holder keeps your bow safely and securely in place while you retrieve arrows.

The mild-steel frame measures 19″ tall, 21.5″ wide and 18″ deep. I saw a photo on the company’s product information with 600+ pounds of weight loaded on top of the Bowshooters Station. Yes, that’s a bit of an overkill. But, it gives you a good look at just how tough the frame of this bow holder is.

bowshooters station

Built extra beefy, the Bowshooters Station securely holds your gear as well as handles nature’s elements year after year.

Arrow rings allow you to say goodbye to sticking arrows in your back pocket or having to deal with a hip quiver. They easily  hold a dozen shafts and always keep your arrows within easy reach.

bowshooters station

The Bowshooters Station keeps you and your buddy’s arrows separated and ready for the shot.


bowshooters station

The Bowshooters Station works equally well for right or left-handed shooters.

Our bow is like our baby. We want it protected, safe, and secure when it’s not in our hands. The Bowshooters Station will do just that for your equipment. Give it a look. It’s a great option for your indoor or outdoor bow range.

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