Cross Country Runner Gets Tackled By Deer

People that don’t like to run usually have plenty of excuses as to why they avoid the exercise. Well, now they can add, “I don’t wanna run because I might get tackled by a deer,” to their long list of excuses.

Yes, it would be legit. Never heard of such a thing? Well, me neither. That is, until I recently came across the video of a herd of deer running through the middle of runners at a college cross country race.

What happens next is priceless. No, I would never wish harm on anyone. But this mishap is absolutely hilarious. And it’s one of those videos that keeps getting funnier the more you watch it. Justin DeLuzio, a senior at Gwynedd Mercy University, was the victim that came face to face with a charging deer.

runner tackled by deer

Who would have ever thought cross country running could become a contact sport?

Check it out…

“Watch out for the deer!!!” It just might be the new battle cry for deer hunters everywhere.

DeLuzio survived the encounter with the deer. Heck, he even finished the race!

Comment below, and let us know the craziest deer encounter you’ve ever seen captured on camera.

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