Best Deer Decal Ever

By Bow StaffNovember 18, 20162 Comments

The world’s best deer decal has finally arrived. Ok, it’s actually more like a tailgate wrap. But it’s the perfect solution for the hunter that tends to eat tag soup year after year, or the ultimate prank in hunting camp.

That’s right! Try riding around town with this bad boy on your tailgate. You’re sure to get plenty of honks and high-five’s when you cruise the town with the Big Buck Tailgate Wrap on your truck.

deer decal

Get the last laugh with the Big Buck Tailgate Decal.

You can have a whole lot of fun with this deer decal for just $39.95, thanks to the folks at Jack Ripper and Associates.


What do you think? What’s the best deer decal you’ve ever seen? Do you know a hunter that needs one of these?

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