What Happened to This Buck’s Legs?

By Bow StaffNovember 12, 201629 Comments

Wild deer face more adversity than we can possibly imagine in their quest to survive throughout the year. Disease, predators, harsh weather, and physical illness are just a few of the odds stacked against them. But have you ever seen anything like this? This buck was literally walking around on bare bone on his back legs.

bone footed buck

This poor buck was literally walking on bone.

This buck had no back hooves. He was walking on boney nubs. Looks pretty painful, huh? The hunter that killed this deer has received his fair share of criticism from animal rights advocates, no doubt, but as ethical hunters, we know this hunter did the right thing in putting down an animal that was in such a pitiful situation.

bone footed buck

Here’s a photo of the buck standing on his boney pegs.

Survival of the fittest is played out in nature every day. Sometimes what we see and experience is breathtaking, while other times it’s simply sad.

What do you think happened to this deer? Comment below, and let us know.

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