New 2017 PSE Evolve Cam System Bows

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LAST UPDATED: January 9th, 2017

PSE has released their 2017 bow lineup with a new twist that’s creating quite the buzz this week. Their new EVOLVE Cam System (ECS) is being called an “unbelievable shooting experience.”

The ECS was engineered by PSE from the ground up to deliver maximum “shootability” without sacrificing performance. It’s a cam like no other. The ECS smoothly eases you from peak weight into a deep valley before resting in a consistent and relaxed pocket with a rock solid back wall. And one feature that’s gaining a ton of attention is the fact that the bow offers up to 90% let-off, allowing you to hold at full draw longer and more comfortably.

The ECS comes standard in four leading models for 2017. The EVOVLE, EVOLVE 35, Carbon Air 32, and Carbon Air 34.

PSE evolve

A strong lineup of hard hitting bows from PSE will hit the shelves for 2017.

Here’s a quick look at the new 2017 EVOLVE…

The EVOLVE was engineered from the ground up to be the most comfortable hunting bow PSE has ever made. The guts and glory of this bow is the EVOVLE Cam System, previously mentioned. But PSE didn’t stop there. They paired the ECS with their all-new ultra stiff forged riser design for amazing rigidity and shot stability, as well as their Wide-Track Limb System and Wedge Lock Speed Pocket for deadeye accuracy and 346 fps of shooting power. The bow is topped off with their new RollerGlide cable guard system to eliminate friction. They also added built-in riser stabilization ports to deliver a bow that shoots pure and smooth.

Visit for a complete look at the 2017 lineup.

Specs on the Evolve include:

ATA/IBO Speed 346-338 fps.
Brace Height 6 1/4″”
Handedness Left, Right
Axle to Axle 31″
Letoff 90%-80%
Draw length 29″
Draw Length Range 24-1/2″ to 30″
Draw weight 70#, 60#
Mass Weight 4.3 lbs.
Max. Limb Bolt Turns 10
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