Elevation Altitude Bow Case Review

By Brodie SwisherOctober 25, 2016

Look across the hunting industry and you’ll see unlimited options for tools and gear for the archer and bowhunter. Some of it good and plenty of it a waste of time and money. Honestly, if you’re not careful, you can quickly acquire a shed full of hunting junk. With all the gimmick gear available to hunters today, it’s really nice to see a company that goes above and beyond standard. And that’s what I’ve found with a company called, Elevation. In fact, their motto is, “Above standard is our standard.” You’ll see it clearly in this review of their Elevation Altitude bow case.

elevation bow case

The Altitude bow case from Elevation is a great option for strapping your bow to the back of an ATV.

The Altitude bow case is the company’s flagship model. The case looks as fine as it functions. It’s not your standard black case that most companies offer. It’s tricked out and trimmed with some really cool accents, depending on what model you choose. The one I have features Realtree camo trim, but other options include their red and black case, as well as a Mathews Edition and Lost Camo. The company says their bow cases are built tough for top-notch performance, but also offer a Rolls Royce appeal. You’ll notice it when you first lay eyes on these cases.

elevation bow case

The Altitude bow case from Elevation. Quite possibly a new standard in soft-side bow cases.

Features of the Elevation Altitude Bow Case

The features begin with the case’s Diamond-Lock Weave design for durability and toughness as your pack is thrown into and out of the truck, onto the ATV, or toted around hunting camp. The material is really tough stuff and will no doubt dodge the typical cracks, snags, rips and tears that come with many of the other bow cases on the market.

altitude bow case

The Diamond-Lock Weave design is tough. No more rips, cuts, or tears.

And while the bow is well protected on the outside, the Comfort-Tec Pro Padding and Deep Micro-Raschel Fleece Lining protects your bow equally well on the inside. Protection of the bow string is one of my biggest concerns with most bow cases. This case specifically addresses that concern. The case features a nice string and cam cradle that allows you to tuck the string and cams into an extra layer of padding. I really like this feature.

elevation bow case

The String and Cam Cradle offers extra padding and protection where your bow needs it the most.

If you can imagine your bow resting on a mattress, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how your bow will be held in this bow case. It’s plush with plenty of cushion, padding and protection for great coverage of the entire bow. The interior of the case measures 41″x21″, leaving adequate room for all your extras as well.

elevation bow case

The Altitude bow case allows you to treat your bow like a king.

elevation bow case

Velcro anchor straps keep your bow safely positioned where you want it inside the case.

On The Outside

One flaw that is very common among bow cases is their zipper system. In fact, it’s usually the first thing to go. And a broken zipper equals a useless bow case. The Altitude case has big beefy zippers. They perform smooth and easy. No jams or hang ups. That is a must when it comes to soft-side bow cases.

elevation bow case

Beefy zippers on the Altitude bow case are a huge plus.

You’ll also find a slick and easy molded arrow pocket that lies parallel to a similar, but smaller, stabilizer pocket. This pocket will pretty much hold all the arrows you care to cram inside, or will easily house an arrow tube.

elevation bow case

Arrow storage is not a problem for the Altitude bow case.

The case is easy to tote around by its molded handle on top of the case, or with the use of its Comfort-Tec shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is a nice feature when you have a little walking to do, yet still want protection for your bow.

elevation bow case

The comfortable handle on the Altitude seems strong enough to take plenty of abuse.

elevation bow case

When you’ve got some walking to do, simply throw the bow case over your shoulder and take off.

The bottom of the bow case features Skid Plates to protect your gear and your case from the years of abuse it will take on the range, in the truck, and around hunting camp.

elevation bow case

The Skid Plates are just another feature that helps Elevation raise the bar in bow case design.


Overall, this bow case will be hard to beat when it comes to a soft-sided case for your next roadtrip to the woods or tournament site. The only flaw that I could come up with is that it is a soft-sided bow case. It’s not something I’d want to throw on a plane. I’d love to see Elevation expand their product line in the future with a beefy, airline approved travel case for extended trips.

Be sure to stop in at the Elevation website to see more from this slick new product line at www.elevationequipped.com.


Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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