2016 Rut Predictions

The best time of the year is just around the corner. We’ve endured the heat through the early season, all the while looking anxiously ahead to the rut. There’s no greater topic in hunting camp than the whitetail rut. Countless facts, myths, and legends linger about the phenomenon we call the rut. But one man seems to have it figured out about as well as anyone. Every year we look forward to hearing the whitetail rut predictions put together by Charles Alsheimer and the crew from Deer & Deer Hunting. Here’s a look at Alsheimer’s thoughts on the 2016 Rut Predictions.

2016 rut predictions double bucks

Don’t miss out on the best days of the whitetail rut this season.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the rut changes from year to year? What factors do you think make, break, or alter the rut? Comment below, and let us know what you think.



  1. William Tosh says:

    I think it’s different throughout each area. For me in rural Pittsylvania County Va it’s usually kicked up in high gear around our black powder season which is the first few weeks of November. I have never thought the weather plays a factor in this because they will breed regardless of the temperatures which can be in the mid 70’s to 80 degrees in some cases or staying in the mid 60’s. I’ve seen rut activity in both temperature settings. So I personally believe it’s just something they will do so you have to get out there and battle the weather regardless. You may have to hunt longer mornings on those warmer nights and days but hang in there it will pay off!! ??

  2. Michael Peterson says:

    From the articles I’ve read I bow hunt America.and white trail journal is that the rut happens when the rut happens. Wind and moon phases have nothing to do with it so keep your eyes and ears open look for the signs scrapped and grunts and you’ll know.

  3. Allen Berkebile says:

    I,read an article in Deer and Deer Hunting that states most P&Y bucks are harvested Nov 3rd thru Nov13th through all moon phases over a 20 yr span. Also most taxidermist get more bucks during the same dates. Finally our deer biologist, through fetus examinations, agree that most does are bred during mid November, regardless of moon phases. Just hunt as much as you can in first half of Nov.


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