Moose Utilities Division Sprayer Review

By Bow StaffSeptember 1, 20161 Comment
moose sprayerBy Tim Conley
For me, hunting is a whole lot more than just what happens during the last three pages on my calendar. As a matter of fact, the hunting preparation during those first nine month on the calendar, can have the biggest impact, not only on my season, but also my deer herd in general. I understand that it takes quality land to produce quality deer. Good habitat and good nutrition make for good hunting. That’s why food plots are an excellent way for me to invest in the off season. This year, in preparation for fall plots, I had the opportunity to try out the Moose Utilities Division 25 gallon ATV sprayer. Here’s a closer look at the product and my personal experience with the Moose Utilities Division sprayer.

First Impressions

I was quite impressed in how this piece of equipment turned out to be a real time saver. Timing is the name of the game when it comes to food plot prep. Particularly when these projects are limited to weekend or after hours projects. You are either trying to beat the rain or trying to make it in by dinner, your kid’s ballgames, or just beat darkness. The simplicity and convenience of the Moose Utilities sprayer having everything there and ready to use was priceless.

My good buddy, Brad, as well as my daughter, Casie, met up with me on a recent Saturday morning as we put this sprayer through its paces. We had the opportunity to try it out on the back rack of a Honda ATV as well as in the bed of a Polaris Ranger.

Moose sprayer

The 25-gallon sprayer from Moose Utilities Division, loaded and ready to roll.

The Boom

The sprayer was equipped with the quick detach 140” folding boom. I am a big fan of the 7-nozzle 110 degree overlapping pattern that this sprays. It ensures the best possible coverage from your ATV.

The boom folds in on each side for transport, leaving it the same width as your ATV/UTV. These folding arms are spring loaded but can be pinned solid in position. I personally found the spring loaded feature an excellent design, particularly when I got too close to some brush and folded it in as opposed to tearing it off. You simply, hop out, fold it back out, and take off again. The 140” 7-nozzle folding boom features a quick disconnect system that is very handy. The whole boom slides in or out of the bottom of the tank support with cam-lock levers to hold it where you want it. You can also easily adjust the boom height to meet whatever needs you have in weed control.

sprayer nozzle

The boom on the Moose sprayer allows for complete coverage, quick and easy.

Easy Adjustments and Versatility

This sprayer features a 3-way selector valve that keeps things flowing quick and smooth without the hassle of swapping out hoses and fittings to change from boom to wand. Having the wand with its 15’ hose there and ready to use at any time is a big plus on food plots. This saves precious time by not having to hook anything up. With a simple twist, the brass nozzle on the wand is adjustable from a long range stream to a fine mist.

moose sprayer valve

Versatility is built in with the sprayer’s 3-way valve system.

With the 25 gallon polyethylene tank, a 3.8 GPM 12 volt pump, and the automatic pressure switch, this sprayer is built to perform. This robust workhorse is made to get the job done quick and easy. The sprayer is right at home on the back of an ATV or in the bed of a UTV, but I wouldn’t hesitate to run any of its functions from the bed of my pickup truck if I needed to. The easy-connect 12 volt wire seems to be long enough to make it very versatile for any type of vehicle mounting.

The sprayer is anchored with a couple small ratchet straps. There is no tipping, slipping, or sliding once strapped down. And when the work is done, the side positioning of the drain plug makes emptying the leftovers very simple. The unit cleans up quick and easy…another great feature of any sprayer.


This is a great product that has truly been a game changer for me when it comes to spraying plots. The time it saved and the simplicity of use made our weed control efforts a cinch. I now consider this sprayer to be standard equipment for anyone working with foodplots on the land they hunt.

The Moose Utilities sprayer comes in 10, 15, and 25 gallon sizes. See the complete line of sprayers and other implements from Moose at

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