Deadliest Elk Shot Ever Caught On Camera

By Bow StaffAugust 21, 20164 Comments

Every so often, bowhunters will encounter the skeptic that feels archery equipment is not a deadly means of killing wild game. “It’s a slow, cruel death,” they’ll say as they try to make their case.

So with archery elk season just a month away, we offer the following video to stoke the fire for big bulls in your face…and to once again put to rest the fact that a bow is as deadly a weapon as any you’ll ever hit the woods with.

elk arrow

Will a bow and arrow kill a big bull elk quickly and humanely? You be the judge!

Just watch as 13-year-old, Clayton Coyle, unplugs a big Wyoming bull that walks right up in his lap. It’s been a few years now, but Clayton’s elk kill continues to be one of the deadliest elk kills ever captured on camera.

Let’s hear from you? What are you thoughts on this video? The shot? And how quickly this bull bled out? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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