8 Great Occupations for the Diehard Bowhunter

If you are an addicted bow hunter, like me, then I’m sure you wish you could hunt 5 days a week and work 2. However, unless you are the luckiest person on earth, this just isn’t reality. I’m lucky enough to work in an industry that allows me to hunt quite a bit during deer season. I didn’t plan it that way, but I’m sure glad it worked out. I dread the day I ever have to go back to a 9-5 job that cuts into my hunting time. If you are searching for a career path that may lead to plenty of time in the tree, here’s 8 great occupations that may be a good choice for you.


scott sanderson buck

Aside from organizing the Field Staff for Bowhunting.com, Scott Sanderson is an elementary school teacher from Pennsylvania. He was able to harvest this buck during time off last October.

This profession may not be the first to come to mind when you think of professions that allow you to hunt a lot. But think about it, teachers have a ton of days off during the winter: Thanksgiving break, Halloween break, and a longer than normal Christmas break. Plus, depending on school hours, teachers are also off of work in time to get in a tree stand in the evenings. Not to mention all the off season scouting time that teachers have due to summer break and spring break.

Lawn Care Industry

I’ve been working in this industry for a little over ten years and I love it. During the winter months the work slacks off quite a bit, which is great if you’re an avid deer hunter. However, you also need to be good with money if you want to have the funding to make it through the season. No one wants to eat Ramen noodles all season because you’re broke.


This is another profession that you wouldn’t think of right off, as far as having plenty of hunting time. However, I have a good friend that is a nurse and he has more time to hunt than me. He works 3 days a week, for 12-14 hours per day. He then has 4 days off to hunt. This is a dream for any avid bow hunter.

Doctor or Lawyer

Like a business owner, most doctors, lawyers, and private practice owners can set their own hours. One of the biggest lawyers in my area owns a deer hunting plantation in Alabama. From the looks of his Facebook page, he is at the plantation more than the office. This occupation also has a pretty good salary for anyone that loves to bow hunt. We all know that being a die-hard bow hunter is not cheap.


I have numerous friends and even a few family members that own heating and air companies. Not all of them are deer hunters, but a few are. It seems that during the winter they always have plenty of time to spend in the woods. Apparently, heating units don’t have many issues compared to A/C’s. So once it starts to cool off the work slows down. Whether you own the company, or work for one, this is a great career path for an avid bow hunter.

hunter with buck

Phil Mathews, is the owner of an HVAC company in Pace, Florida. Extra downtime in the cooler months of fall and winter make HVAC work one of the great occupations for the bowhunter.


Fighting fires can be tough work. It’s not a job for the weak. These guys work incredibly hard, no matter the hour, and regardless of the weather outside, these guys get the job done when ugly situations unfold. But one of the perks of the job for many firefighters is a 3 Days On/3 Days Off Schedule. And this works really well for a lot of the diehard bowhunters that fire fires to pay the bills. One of the deadliest local hunters I know loves his schedule as a fireman. Even the downtime at work provides ample time for scouting, research and swapping hunting tales with fellow hunters between emergencies.

Business Owner

There are a few major up sides of owning your own business, no matter what industry it’s in. I owned a small company for about 5 years before merging with another larger company. I was lucky enough to have a hand full of employees that I could trust to handle things when I was not around. So when deer season rolled around, I could cut out half way through the day to go hunting. This allowed me to go hunting just about every evening during deer season. Of course, when you own your own business you don’t have to ask for time off either. So planning your vacation around the rut is pretty simple.

hunter with buck on tailgate

Jason Garner is a small business owner out of Fairhope, Alabama. Being able to trust his employees allows for plenty of time in the tree come hunting season.


As I sit here and finish up this article, I couldn’t help but add this to the list. The beauty of being an author is that it can be part time, or full time. You could do it all day every day, or just a few hours after work, a few days a week. If you are an author and an avid bow hunter, then chances are, a lot of your work will be hunting related. This means that the more time you spend in the woods, the more material you have and the more money you make. Aside from actually being a TV show host or full time hunter, this career is at the top of my list for an avid bow hunter. As I said before, my busy season is during the summer. So once deer season rolls around and work slows down, I gear up full bore for writing. It helps to pass the time during all day sits and it’s always good to have extra money coming in.

No matter the career path you choose, it is always important to remember: Don’t work too hard making a life that you forget to live. If hunting is your passion, then be sure to set aside time to go out in the woods and enjoy nature.


  1. Many firefighters, if not the majority, work a 1 day on/2 day off schedule. Never heard of a 3 day on/3 day off schedule. But I do agree that firefighter’s schedules allows for a lot of hunting time (depending on their side job because they all have one).

    • Here on the west coast firefighters often work 48’s or 72’s. And, at least in California, municipal firefighters are well paid. It’s not uncommon for firefighters to pull salaries in the low six figures, so side jobs aren’t as common.

  2. John Boutwell says:

    Good Article… Neat to see a familiar face on one of my favorite web sites to visit… Phil is a good guy and you are right, HVAC in northwest Florida is a great occupation if you’re are hunter.

    • Daryl Bell says:

      Glad you liked it, John. I am from northwest Florida myself and I’m good friends with Phil. He is a great guy

  3. Stephen Krotec says:

    Im a registered Nurse working in an ICU in Pittsburgh. Its the best job ever. 3-4 days a week i work with the sickest of the sick doing the Lords work. The rest of the time Im Hunting and fishing in Gods country. Ive never had so much time to hunt in my life.

    • Amen bro, I’m in the same boat. ED nurse in California. 3 on, 4 off, and if I flip my schedule I can do 6 on then 8 off without taking any PTO. Gives me a ton of time to smash around in the woods and sling some arrows. I can’t figure out why more dudes don’t go into nursing. Spend a couple years in a classroom surrounded by cute girls, then get a killer job with great benefits, great pay, beautiful women all over the place, and all kinds of time off.

  4. I’m a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Iowa. I typically have around 8 weeks a year vacation. In the past I have been able to take between 12 and 20 days off straight in November. There are several other times where I am off early on Friday because it is a post-call day or a light surgery schedule. I would highly recommend my career to anyone wanting a lot of time off when hunting season comes around.

  5. The top occupation should be a forester! No other occupation allows more time outdoor to scout, shed hunt and see wildlife than a forester, hand down!

  6. Why is farmer not in here. I yeah its because we work all the time and usually only hunt in the rain. Bhod

  7. Tim Johnston says:

    I am a retired firefighter from the Chicago area. Now I have all the time in the world to do what I love best. BOWHUNT !

  8. Tyler Miller says:

    I’m a nurse in Nashville, and just as the article says I work 3 days a week and hunt the other 4. Last year I had 26 straight days off to hunt during October/November and this year I have about the same amount of time off.

  9. Or anyone on shift work. If you are on the dupont schedule you basically work 13 to 15 days a month and one full week off a month.

  10. Being a paramedic gives me a great deal of time for hunting!
    My work schedule is 48/36 working 12 hour shifts… So 4 days 1 week then 3 days the following week. Doesn’t include vacation time off either!

  11. Dillon says:

    I would add State Park jobs to the list. I have a degree in wildlife biology. I elected to work in parks because my busy season is during the summer while kids are out of school. The rest of the year is very flexible. I can hunt all the archery hunts I can afford. No complaints here.

  12. What school gets time off for halloween????

  13. John Torchick says:

    I’m retired plus an outdoor writer and photographer. Best of the two worlds.

  14. Richard says:

    Charter bus driver. I have busy times and slow times. When it’s slow I’m in the woods and when I’m busy I’m thinking about being in the woods.


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